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Hurricane Donations

Here at AllTimeTrading.com, we are always looking for ways to help and give back. We have already shipped cases of everyday essentials to families in need. Everything from socks to cleaning supplies can be significant to men, women, and children facing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As always, your donation of supplies are greatly appreciated. If you need our help with facilitating your donations, please always feel free to call us at 855-221-0536. You can always choose your own charity or we can help you choose one.

Take 15% OFF for all orders for donations, use code: HAV017

Here are some items that may be critically needed by individuals and their families:

  1. Socks

  2. Cleaning Supplies

  3. Candles

  4. Blankets / Bedding

  5. Flip Flops

  6. General Apparel

If you want to speak with one our customer support representatives, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Please give us a call at 855-221-0536.


Winter Apparel - Stylish and Cozy

Don’t you just love it when it first starts to snow and you are immediately taken back to your childhood, recalling all the games you used to play? Making snow castles, snowman, snowballing until your fingers start to freeze and you feel the ultimate level of numbing sensation? Yea, it is also NOT my first thought when I see snowflakes falling down from heavens to the realm of ever-grumpy humans. We, the mortals who have to get up early in the morning and go to work or have a so-called-casual walk through the hood in search for groceries and other necessities, we don’t enjoy the cold which is the precondition to that lovely snow. Because that means it is finally time to:

  • rearrange your wardrobe,
  • get them snow boots from the basement/attic,
  • be smart when layering your outfit to keep you from freezing to death and be stylish as much as possible while you’re on your daily missions,
  • not get sick.

The essentials/basics

There is one good thing everyone’s been humming about for a couple of years now and it is called a capsule wardrobe. What if I tell you that it has been miserably interpreted by many of the fashion bloggers who encourage you to go shopping for almost an entire capsule wardrobe. The term and the concept were coined and promoted by a British boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s. Her idea was to equip yourself with basic clothing items in neutral colors that don’t go out of fashion and occasionally enrich your style with some fashionable accessories which are a trend of the season. This, of course, in the modest world of mortals, also means being wise in rearranging your existing wardrobe to create good foundations for your apparel, whether it’s spring or winter. In my personal opinion, this is a great thing if you use it to cut down on the quantity of your closet and increase the quality. I like to follow the rule “less is more”.

As a woman in mid-twenties, I do care about presenting myself the best way possible but I am not a fan of thinking about outfits and trying ton of things before going out. I made a few changes to simplify things for myself.

First, I took my favorite pieces and placed them on pile 1. Second, I took my not-so-favorite items that match my favorite items and placed them on the pile 2.

All the stuff I haven’t used for at least 6 months and the unfortunate ones I couldn’t sort I packed and gave away. I felt lighter and I had a solid material to work with. Now we go to the next stage - how to wear your new-old clothes!

How to layer things

Once you return the piles of things that you want to keep back into the closet, you might feel like something is missing. Figure out what. Do you need more long-sleeve blouses to wear under your favorite Christmas-motif knitted sweater? Go get some! My advice is to stay in the tune of neutral color dominating in your wardrobe. This will leave more than enough space to play with accent colors on your accessories or oversized pieces. Never underestimate the importance of woolen socks, long socks and pantyhose. These will keep you warm even in the worst blizzard. God bless my grandmother, she knits like a machine and each year I get a few pairs of long and short woolen socks. She even asks which patterns I like. Honestly, they’re a lifesaver! And if you like wearing dresses, they really make that girly-girl look, worn over some fancy pantyhose. If you are not fortunate enough and your grandmother is not a knitting pro, you can pick some for yourself in stores. And don’t be cheap – this is important.

Now that you got your basic equipment, you can combine pieces to create an outfit with a personal style mark. I personally prefer cargo pants and thick tights, baggy sweaters, a small piece of jewelry, a really big scarf, a beanie and my Timberland boots, any kind.

The whole point of making your winter apparel stylish and cozy is to stick to basics of color and form. Once you find what suits and complements your body, don’t give up on that until you find a better solution. We have two more months of winter to enjoy it in a good mood and take the best of it. Don’t just live through. Remember, being properly dressed is being healthy!

Winter Gifting - Where Beauty Meets Usefulness

The weather is awful, snow has covered every bit of land as far as the eye can see, there are snowmen virtually on every lawn, and epic snowball fights are waged all around the neighborhood. This can mean only one thing – Christmas is getting closer. It’s time to get a Christmas tree and bring out the dusty decorations from the basement, from under the bed or from whichever dark, dusty and lonely place they spent the past year. It’s also time to think about your loved ones, your family and your close friends, and it’s time to figure what you are going to give them this Christmas.

Now, Christmas gifting is not a thing to be joking with. A lot of thought and love have to be invested for a present to be a success, which means that a lot of time and energy have to be spent in designing the perfect gift. Or does it? Sometimes less is more, which means that you don’t necessarily have to spend a month of your life and a ton of your nerves on creating a gift. Depending on the person the gift is intended for, this job can be done fairly easy and quickly, especially when you have in mind that it’s winter. Why is this so important? Simply because you can draw your inspiration from the fact that it’s pretty damn cold outside and most people don’t like being cold. Be a savior and salvage your loved ones from the unyielding jaws of relentless winter. Be a hero.

With the last sentence being so darn epic, you might get overwhelmed and let your imagination go wild. You might think about getting a pair of boots for everyone, but this is probably not an option, unless you get a loan that you’ll end up repaying for the next ten to twenty years. It’s not worth it. There are many other things that you can buy that will do the trick just fine.


Oh yeah, these will do the trick perfectly. From our experience, you can never have too many pairs of socks, especially in the winter. They get dirty really quickly, they get wet and they even tear before you know it. People always need more socks which means you can’t go wrong with a pair of nice socks as a Christmas present.

Since it is winter, best thing to do is to buy a pair of thermal socks or fuzzy socks. These provide the most heat, they are soft and they can prove to be quite long-lasting. For the holiday season, you can go for colorful socks or socks with holiday motifs, like Santa, reindeers, snowman, etc. You get the picture.


Besides feet, hands are the hardest parts of the body to keep warm during the freezing temperatures. Put them in your pockets – they are cold; put them in your sleeves – still cold. The only thing that helps is gloves and most people overlook this magnificent invention for some reason. They simply don’t own a pair of gloves and their hands are always freezing. It’s beyond comprehension how so many people can tolerate it, but once you start giving out gloves as gifts, there will be no more cold hands in your circle of friends.

However, some people do own gloves and, unlike socks, you can get enough of gloves. Nevertheless, gloves do have a flaw in that you can’t use your smartphone when you wear them. Some folks tend to take them off while others use fingerless gloves, but you are more creative than this. Yes, you are. And what does a creative mind like yours do? It gives a pair of conductive gloves as a present, thus enabling people to use their smartphones even when the temperatures are below freezing. You truly are practical.


Winter strikes when you’re outside, but it also affects you indoors. Even when the fire is burning in the fireplace the house can still feel cold and spending the whole day in several layers of clothes can prove to be tiring. The only escape is to make a huge cocoon out of yourself and it’s good to have as many blankets at your disposal as possible. That’s where you come in. Unlike the gloves, and much like socks, you can never have too many blankets around the house.

A nice fleece blanket can have more than one purpose, from heating to providing comfort with its incredible softness and even in making a pillow fortress. Honestly, who makes a pillow fortress without a bunch of furry blankets?


Winter is not really the best time to give someone a fedora or a panama hat. However, it’s a great time to give someone a proper winter hat that will protect their brain from freezing and their ears from disintegrating from the cold. The problem here is that there are as many styles of winter hats as there are vowels in an average Hawaiian noun, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Should you buy a beanie, a trapper hat, an ushanka or maybe some crazy hat with pompoms and motifs, depends on who you are buying the gift for.

If you can’t really decide on which hat to buy, simply buy a large quantity of hats and gloves in bulk and run around the room dressed and acting like some sort of crazy Santa, throwing gloves and hats from a gigantic red sack. Make sure that everyone gets at least one present and you will make everybody happy. Plus, you will entertain everyone and have the most creative gift of all.

How to Reinvent Your Wardrobe, Spring-style

A common misconception is that winter is the hardest season when it comes to dressing. You have to buy a heavy-duty jacket that is warm enough, wind resistant, protects your thighs, cooks lunch for you and serves as your personal secretary. The same goes for your boots, but on top of all of that, they have to be water-resistant and whatever the opposite of slippery is. It is quite challenging, but it has nothing on spring. Spring is the real scallywag as it presents itself as something not to worry about, whilst the situation can’t be more different. There is actually much to worry about when it comes to spring.

When the time comes for winter to take its cold, violent behavior somewhere else, another oppressor takes winter’s place. While winter’s harassment is manifested, spring does a different kind of bullying – latent bullying. Each year, spring starts off like a friend, a companion, someone you can trust. Its high temperatures in comparison to the winter’s temperatures make us trust spring and it’s the thing that makes us relax in time. In all our relaxation, we give ourselves up to spring, only to have that devious, deceitful, shifty maniac stab us in the back.

It’s like this – you went out just before sundown, leaving your jacket at home because, you know, it wasn’t so cold. Soon enough you start to feel chilly, then a little cold and, before you know it, you are freezing your ears off. Bam, a stab in the back!

Also, every year, spring decides to change what is fashionable and what is not, so each year you’ll end up looking like a last-year-spring enthusiast, with your last-year clothing that is soooo last year. That’s what spring does. It hates us all and now it’s our time to fight back.

Limit your spending

Often with every shift in season ton of money is spent on new clothes. This makes life a living hell, because now you have to explain to your children why the college fund is now called ‘spring shopping fund’. However, there are ways to save the college fund and still have a clean pair of pants for work tomorrow. Also, you can have a clean pair of socks, underwear and a clean T-shirt on a daily basis while also providing college education for your children.

The tactics are numerous, but there are a few strategies that lead the race. Maneuvers like saying good-bye to name brands, taking advantage of discounts, combining your clothes in a more thought-out way and buying in bulk can really get you far. Let’s see how exactly.

Bye-bye designer clothes

What’s really the deal with designer brands? All they represent is a status symbol, wealth, commodity, even a privilege. Who would even want that? Well, everybody honestly, but even though it might actually sound attractive, it really doesn’t have much of anything else to offer.

Now, let’s not deceive ourselves, most designer names do make high-quality clothes, but so do many other less known manufacturers. Tons of unknown companies make quality clothes that are as fancy as the designer clothes, but they come at far lower cost. Forget about fake extravagancy and bogus sophistication, college fund is much more important. By buying non-designer clothes you’ll end up having a totally new wardrobe every season at a lower price than wearing a designer brand for who-knows-how-many seasons…and you know we are right because we use the special scientific measurement called ‘who-knows-how-many’.

Take advantage of special offers

Special or not, discounts, sales and off-season deals are a great way to save up some cash. They present a great opportunity to even score some famous brands at low prices and thus fill the void that was created when you decided to say goodbye to them. Also, off-season sales are a great way to stock up on clothes for the season that’s nowhere near, and it will also teach you to make your plans in advance. In general, off-season sales might even help you organize your life better than ever. They are miraculous.

Smart clothing combination

Since you are trying to limit your spending, you can’t just go out and buy everything you like, put it in the wardrobe and forget about it for the next season or two. You have to be efficient and make the most of what you’ve got which also means you have to unleash your inner creativity that you have long forgotten about.

The trick is to think before you buy. Not only do you have to think about what you are buying, but you have to remember every single piece of clothing that you have in the wardrobe. Each sweater - each T-shirt, each pair of pants, their color, the style and every possible combination you can make with them. How does your potentially new piece of clothes fit in? It doesn’t? Then don’t buy it. You only buy clothes that fit with what you already have – you buy similar style and similar colors and generally clothes that can be matched with oneanother.

Buy loads of clothes

Well, this sounds like it’s in direct confrontation with everything that was said until now, but it actually isn’t. You should buy tons of clothes, but not at regular price. You should buy in bulk. This way, you accomplish two things simultaneously – you limit your spending while you acquire a lot of different clothes that can be worn whole season. You kill two birds with one stone and if you count the college fund which will stay alive, you can even kill a few more birds.

Now, buying in bulk isn’t all that easy as you have to spend a lot of time on discovering the precise thing that you need, but in the end, it does pay off. When you finally find what you are looking for, you might even go so berserk that you forget about what you actually need and start buying everything – underwear in bulk, bulk T-shirts, wholesale socks, light bulbs, bathroom tiles, ashtrays…and you don’t even smoke. There goes the college fund again.

Surprising Uses for Nail Polish

There is not a woman in the world that doesn’t enjoy a nice manicure once in a while. But sometimes it’s simply out of reach. Whether money is the issue or you just don’t have the time for it, it’s not important. One thing is for sure – you can’t just let your nails look natural, because natural nails are simple and boring. On top of that, there is a lot of imperfection in natural nails and imperfection is something that women try to stay away from. What’s the solution?

You are panicking; the mind is going crazy and the nails aren’t getting any nicer by themselves. You go online and buy nail polish in bulk, and now you have every tone of every color you can possibly imagine and it seems like you are finally happy. But then you think about all that nail polish. It will take you months to go through all of it, maybe even years. By that time, you will get bored and most of the nail polish will get misplaced. You won’t let that happen; you can’t let that happen.

Luckily for you, there is more to nail polish than meets the eye. The name suggests its only use involves nails, but actually, there are tons of other uses for this magical invention. Nail polish can be used around the house, for jewelry, for DIY projects and it can contribute to countless minor improvements in your daily life. Here is what we chose as the most important.


We all have that special pair of custom earrings or a custom necklace that means so much to us. Each time we wear a specific bracelet, necklace or ring, they get exposed to the environment, and environment can be a huge enemy of jewelry. With time, the jewelry starts changing color, it gets dirty, and it oxidizes. When a piece of jewelry has a sentimental value, you want to do everything that’s in your power to prevent it from deteriorating. Fortunately, you don’t even have to try that hard. All you have to do is take a clear lacquer, coat the jewelry in one thin layer and the shield is up. Additionally, if you ever get bored with your faux custom jewelry, you can simply repaint them with nail polish.

Other than protecting jewelry, you can use nail polish to create new jewelry. It’s not even that hard. There are tutorials online that deal with this subject, but the simplest way is to just drop polish onto waxed paper. You can decorate it with any other nail polish and you can add all kinds of beads and ornaments and connect everything with embroidery floss. It’s a nice project for a Sunday afternoon.

Around the house

Isn’t it exhausting having to adjust the perfect water temperature every time you want to take a shower? You are just standing there all naked, feeling awkward, and waiting for the water to heat up or cool down. To prevent this, just put a mark with the nail polish exactly where you want your faucet handles to be and the troubles are over. Each time you notice the marks are wearing off apply a new coating of polish.

Like adjusting the water temperature isn’t hard enough, in order to take a shower, you first need to come home from a long, hard day at work. Once you do, your struggles are not over. You stand in front of the door, spending too much time on finding the right key. They are all so similar and there is just too many of them. No more! Paint each key with a different nail polish and now you’ll find a key that fits instantly.


Sewing a button usually isn’t much of a challenge, but a thread can sometimes be a real pain in the butt. There are times when you can’t thread the needle no matter how hard you try. Just use nail polish. Drag the end of the thread through the nail polish brush and it will instantly harden and become pointy. All similarity with other hard and pointy things is purely unintentional.


We love shoes and our love for shoes can only be matched by our love for perfect nails. Similarly, the number of shoes we own can only be matched by the number of nail polishes we have. This, however, doesn’t mean we like to part ways with our shoes. No way. Unfortunately, shoes’ condition deteriorates fast. They get all scratched and bruised and sometimes the only solution is to throw them away. Or is it? If the scratches aren’t too big, you can simply find a matching nail polish and fix them. It shouldn’t be so hard, since you bought bulk nail polish and now there is a color to match every pair of shoes you own.

Cars and bikes

Similar to fixing small scratches on shoes, nail polish can be used to fix minor dings and scratches in your car or bike’s paintjob. All those scratches can lead to rust and rust leads to not so beautiful exterior. The trick is to prevent rust from ever forming by covering the scratches as soon as they are created. This way you’ll keep your paint job in pristine condition.


Window screens are used to protect you from flies and mosquitos, but they crack so much you wish you could simply exterminate all the mosquitos in the world and be done with it. Since you can’t, and buying a new window screen each time a small crack appears is not a satisfying solution, you’ll have to improvise with nail polish. Just go over the hole with the brush a few times and the hole will be no more. It’s like using glue, but with a brush that helps you do the fine work.

Windows and mirrors can be really expensive. This means you want to do everything that’s in your power in order to prevent them from breaking. The second you notice a crack in any window or mirror, whether it’s your home window, car window, rearview mirror or make-up mirror, go over the crack with a clear lacquer. It will contain the crack for some time, giving you time to replace it, without ever bothering you since it’s clear.

With all the alternative uses to nail polish, we bet you’ll have a blast doing all the DIY projects that it offers. Also, in time you’ll be able to discover new uses for nail polish. That stuff never gets old.

How to Stay Warm During Winter - Home Edition

Much has been said on the subject of keeping yourself warm when going out while the temperatures are so low that even Santa is wearing long johns. On the other hand, a home is always perceived as a place of eternal warmth and permanent high temperatures. This led to scarcity of information regarding the subject of how to keep yourself warm while inside your house. This is such a major pity. A travesty!

Naturally, people think it’s easy to stay warm at home – just light up the fireplace, crank up the heat or start a campfire in the middle of the living room and the whole place gets warm in no time. With the last method, the whole neighborhood gets warm. Now, even though most of these traditional ways of heating are efficient, there simply comes a time when they are not enough. The temperature plummets, the windows get frozen and the 24/7 heating just doesn’t do the work. The first clue is steam coming out from your mouth when you wake up, and you really start noticing when laundry in your bathroom stops drying and starts freezing. It’s time for drastic measures.

Layers, always layers

Most people strongly recommend dressing in layers when going out in the winter. It’s much better to have several thinner layers than to have fewer thicker layers for many reasons, and everyone knows that. Even our grandmas know it, which they never fail to remind us every time we leave the house. While this is the case, it’s also smart to be dressed in layers all the time. Well, maybe not in the summer or when you really need to take a pee, but almost all the time; even when you are at home.

Having several layers ensures that there is much more space for air in your clothing and that air is crucial for your warmth. The warmer the air is around you, the warmer you will feel. Also, layers give you an opportunity to take off something if it starts being too warm, while you can’t do that if you are only wearing a sweater. 

Draft stoppers

Draft is the worst thing ever. If it was a person, it would be an awful bully that kicks your ass every day just for fun. It doesn’t do anything else – it just beats you and rubs your face in snow without even taking your lunch money. It only wants to see you suffer.

We must discontinue its reign of terror and eradicate it once and for all. For this purpose, it’s highly recommended to use under the door draft stoppers, which, believe it or not, could be used even for windows. What a bombshell!

Draft stoppers are simply beautiful inventions because they can really do wonders in increasing your room temperature, especially if your doors and windows are old. Put them under every door and between every window and watch your troubles go with the draft. If you have some spare time on your hands, you can even make homemade draft stoppers from old fleece blankets, rugs, socks and virtually anything else you got lying around.

Knitted bed socks

The hardest part of the body to keep warm has to be feet. It’s like they simply refuse to be warm and maybe, if they don’t stop acting like such jerks, we’ll pay draft to kick their asses. And no, that’s not a threat, feet, it’s a promise.

Now, there are many ways to lessen the cold, like wearing countless pairs of socks, wearing fuzzy slippers or putting your feet in a washbowl filled with boiling water, but somehow none of these are effective in long run. Eventually you’ll run out of clean socks, you’ll have to take off the slippers and, at one point, you’ll take your feet out of the washbowl. Then it’s back to freezing feet.

The solution lies in the traditional art of knitting. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll have to travel far and wide to find a shaman called Knitting Eagle, an old man living in the dense forests of the Far East who teaches people how to knit bed socks. Or you can simply ask your grandma to make you a pair. You can also stop bothering that poor woman for every single thing you read on the Internet and buy yourself a pair of knitted bed socks. They are almost as good as the ones your grandma makes.

Blanket kingdom

When everything else fails, when there is no more nightstands to chop and toss into the camp fire and when you can’t even see outside from the ice on your window, it’s time to admit the defeat and surrender. Spill the ice that was once boiling water in the washbowl, put on as many layers as possible, get into the bed socks, and throw every blanket you own on top of yourself. For extra heat, try to inhale above the blankets and exhale below them.

And truly, sometimes it gets so cold you wish you could spend the rest of the day under a furry mountain of soft blankets. Those are the moments you realize you can’t have too many blankets in your possession and that’s when you realize that you should have thought about it before the winter. You should have bought every blanket you saw in the shop window – wool blanket, woven acrylic, crocheted afghan, you name it. The more, the merrier. However, it’s not too late for you. Buying in bulk can save you even when you think it’s all over, so maybe try getting as many wholesale fleece, throw or cotton blankets as you can. Hurry now, before it gets so cold that the whole Internet freezes.

How to Make a Fashion Statement without Saying a Word

Fashion is a harsh mistress – it changes its mind regularly and with every season it presents something different as fashionable. It’s hard to keep up with it, and frankly, it can really get on your nerves. Stop being such a wavering pain in the neck, fashion! It’s like, you wake up in the morning all fresh and rested (like that ever happens); you go to your wardrobe with intention of wearing your favorite sweater today, only to discover that the sweater is no longer fashionable. People are giving you strange looks when you wear it, they talk behind your back, they point fingers at you, but you know what’s going on. The truth is, fashion has pulled a fast one on you and now you feel like an ass (an unfashionable donkey, that is).

Everything stated so far suggests that we all have to be extremely careful when we are dealing with fashion. It needs lots of our attention and a lot of dedication. However, there is a shortcut that allows us to cheat a little bit, and if you do it right you will never get caught cheating. It’s like you are back in high school. The only difference is that nowadays you don’t have to make all kinds of improvised tactics in order to cheat – it’s enough to make a fashion statement.

What is it?

A fashion statement was probably invented by someone who knew nothing about fashion but wanted to be fashionable, or someone who knew everything there is to know about fashion but simply didn’t have the time or the nerves to deal with it all that much. It simply presents a practice of wearing something in a way that wasn’t intended, but doing it on purpose.

For example, if you accidentally wear socks and sandals, you will come across as poor dresser and possibly a German tourist. On the other hand, if you wear fancy sandals and knee-high socks on purpose, you will be making a fashion statement. Needless to say, this particular example only works for women, but hopefully everyone gets the picture. Now let’s get to the real deal, starting from the top.


Anything that goes on the head can be used as a fashion statement, from sunglasses and earrings to face tattoos and mustaches. Nevertheless, hats present the most potent weapon of them all, or at least something that won’t haunt you for the rest of your life. With all the styles, shapes and sizes, you can go nuts from trying to find the best hat for your fashion statement. Well, now you can stop searching because often the simplest thing that’s been in front of your nose is the best solution.

In our case that thing is a beanie. A beanie hat is probably the simplest hat in human existence. Yes, they do come with variety of decorations, like pompoms or prints, but in their basic form they are pretty simple. That’s the most iconic and most recognizable winter hat out there, but how to make a statement of something so simple? It’s quite easy, actually – use its simplicity to your advantage.

Now, even though the easiest way to make a fashion statement is to wear something in a way that wasn’t intended, that doesn’t mean that you should wear a beanie in the summer. The only statement that you will make that way is that you are a jackass. The way a beanie should purposely be worn wrong is when the weather is just warm enough for you to be wearing a sweater or a sweatshirt, but still cold enough that your brain doesn’t boil and turn into a gooey, pink liquid. In other words, only combine beanie and sweaters or sweatshirts in spring or fall.

If a simple black beanie gets boring, you can always kick your statement up a notch and wear a beanie that is not that plain. Combine all kinds of prints and decorations to really stand out.

Middle layer

There are numerous ways to accent your clothes in the abdominal area, from wearing a tie with a short-sleeved shirt, to wearing belts with oversized buckles. However, since we strived towards simplicity with beanies, let’s continue our humble journey in this area, too.

The best way to do it is to combine colors and layers. Choose a colorful, flamboyant shirt and wear it as a bottom layer and put a charcoal grey or rosewood button-up cardigan or sweater vest on top. The shirt, of course, needs to be long-sleeved, especially if you opt out for a sweater vest. The vest can be with or without buttons because, either way, the shirt is visible. If you choose a cardigan, on the other hand, it’s better for it to have buttons so you can easily show as much of the shirt as you want. A V-neck is also a great option as you do want to show as much of your wacky shirt as possible.


The lowest of clothing may very well be the most challenging to accent and make a statement of. There is only so much you can do with your pants and, while shoes do have a huge fashion statement potential, it’s really easy to overstate with them. The only thing that’s left is socks.

There is no room for fear however, since unlike pants or shoes, there is virtually no way to make a mistake when making a statement out of socks, unless you are making one while wearing a suit. It is possible, but extreme caution is advised. Also, it should be avoided when the suit-wearing event is mega-formal.

Casual clothing and funky socks go hand-in-hand. They are a duo made in heaven and what’s best of all – it’s extremely easy to make it work with virtually no possibility of screwing it up. Simply put on a pair of socks that is different in color or pattern than anything else on you, and you are done. Try not having too many colors and patterns on the rest of the outfit as it will get to a point where you are overdoing it, but that point for casual outfit is really far when done tastefully.

Another way to do this is to wear two socks of different colors. The colors don’t have to match, but they should preferably be plain. Now go, buy as many crazy socks as you can. If you don’t think you can afford it, you can always go crazy with wholesale fuzzy socks, colorful dress socks or any other socks that can be bought in bulk. Just remember to keep it colorful and funky!

Making a Fashion Statement - Winter Edition

Making a fashion statement doesn’t necessarily include saying something about fashion. The term is actually used to describe a practice of bold fashion choices that usually include accessorizing in a…well, let’ say in an unconventional way. Accessories used to make a fashion statement are anything but plain – they are colorful, flashy and flamboyant and their purpose is to make someone stand out. They are used to attract attention and to make a unique outfit.

Almost anything can be used to make a fashion statement, from an extravagant bracelet combined with a casual outfit, to funky and colorful socks combined with a suit. Something as simple as a scarf can be a fashion statement or something more elaborate like a tie and suspenders combo. However, winter is that time of the year that requires you to wear multiple layers of clothes which means that your would-be statement might go unnoticed. All your troubles will be in vain.

In order to avoid this, you have to be smart when making a fashion statement in the winter. You have to use parts of clothes that are visible and you have to make sure that your outfit is making a statement both when you are fully dressed (jacket, hat, scarf, gloves and all) and when you take the clothes off (for example, when you are going out on a date).

Accenting the outer layers

The outer layers represent everything that is visible once you exit the warmth of your home and enter the cruel embrace of the timeless winter, i.e. when you go outside. Most people don’t care about the looks and prefer to protect themselves against the cold at all cost, but one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other. You don’t have to look like a gigantic ball of clothes with eyes in order to stay warm, and if you do, the least you can do is decorate that ball with some accessories.


Many people don’t even think about leaving the house without a warm winter hat on their head. That’s completely justified and hats do make a great accessory. Nevertheless, there is an even better thing that will protect your ears and make a great fashion statement – earmuffs.

While earmuffs aren’t the best option when it’s really cold, as they don’t protect the whole head, they are perfect for an average winter day. They will keep your ears warm and with many colors and shapes available, they are a perfect thing to use for accenting the outfit.


Scarf is an absolute must-have. It protects your neck and if necessary, even your lower part of the face, all the way up to your eyes. It can also protect your eyes, but that seems like a bit impractical.

Now, it’s all fine and dandy to wear simple scarves as they represent a classic and timeless winter accessory that will always be trendy. However, if you want to use something to make a statement, there is virtually no better thing than a scarf. An oversized scarf goes great with short jackets or knee-long coats, while colorful scarves and scarves with distinctive patterns do wonders with plain jackets and coats. Learn as many different ways to tie your scarf, because that way you will always look different and unique.


Besides keeping your hands warm, gloves provide you with something no pocket in this world can, and that’s usability of the hands. Accenting the outfit with gloves can be hard, but if you find a proper pair that is both warm and stylish, you will have no trouble in achieving a perfect fashion statement.

For a glove to be warm it has to be made of proper materials. While ski gloves usually provide the most heat, we can all agree that they aren’t the most stylish of gloves. After all, they were made to protect your hands, not to make them look good, so unless you want to accent the outfit with tasteless, fluorescent colors, avoid ski gloves for this purpose. In order to get it spot on, you can always go for the gloves and scarf combo. Make a fashion statement out of both, but make sure that they are identical in color, pattern and material.

Accenting the inner layers

Even though it’s winter, the time will come when the jackets will be undressed and your inner layers of clothes will be revealed. Make sure that, when this time comes, you are prepared and don’t allow people to see you in your normal, everyday clothes. Your secrets might be exposed.


Oh boy, do we like suspenders! They are one more example of timeless accessory that will be trendy forever no matter what happens. Even if Amish people conquer the world, suspenders will live on. They may even get more popular if that happens.

Wearing plain black suspenders is cool, but that won’t be interpreted as much of a fashion statement. Everyone wears suspenders, so what? Still, if you bring colorful suspenders, or even suspenders with motifs, to the playground…well, now we’re talking. A red button up shirt with rolled-up sleeves, topped off with black suspenders with colorful peace signs (or any other motif) is what a fashion statement should look like.


Socks make a great fashion statement, but only if used properly. Sometimes using them to accent an outfit requires some sacrifice, but avoid sacrificing warmth for fashion as much as you can.

Now, even though socks are mostly unnoticeable while you are out, once you go in and take off your shoes or sit down (which leads to trouser legs rising up) your socks become a reflection of your soul…or at least a reflection of your neatness and fashion sense. To make a statement out of them, wear mostly colorful socks, socks with patterns or socks with motifs. The trick is to clash the socks to the overall attire and the trick is done best when combining casual socks (colorful, patterned or even fuzzy) with more formal clothes like suits.


Wearing a tie with a suit is really old news. There is nothing special about it and no statement is made that way, other than ‘I’m so conventional and I play by the rules’. Even though wearing a tie on a T-shirt is kind of childish or punk-rock (which is also childish), there is a way to make it more serious.

If you really want to make a statement with tie and T-shirt, why not try something that’s between a T-shirt and a button-up shirt – a short sleeved button-up shirt. You can try topping off a short-sleeved button-up shirt with a tie that has strong patterns. They should be in contrasting color for best effect and to make a statement even stronger, you can try wearing a novelty tie. Be extremely careful because this can easily turn you from a person trying to make a fashion statement to a childish person who doesn’t know a first thing about fashion.

Essential Cosmetic Items That You Need to Own

Every girl out there has a bag that is basically a pit filled with all kinds of knick-knacks. There is always at least one more bag (usually even more than one) inside the main bag and another bag inside that one. The bag-ception can be endless and it comes to a point where there is simply no more room for another bag to be added. The overcrowding comes from the fact that women just throw stuff in their bags regardless of whether they are actually going to use them or not.

In order to prevent your stylish bags from literally falling apart at the seams, you need to stop stuffing your bags like they are Thanksgiving turkey, and start being smart about what you are carrying with you on the daily basis. Let’s be honest, do you really need that hair-straightener, clothespin, toothbrush and frying pan wherever you go? Okay, some items from that list might be necessary, but you really need to take it down a notch. I mean, clothespin, really?

We know that you can’t simply throw out everything that’s in your purse. That’s why you need to start off slow and work towards completely relieving your bag from all the extra work it’s been doing. And what better way to begin than giving your makeup bag a nice spring cleaning… or at least a late-winter cleaning.

Prepare to say goodbye

While the road to a clean and well-organized bag is hard, it all starts with you collecting the will and the strength to part ways with things that are, quite frankly, useless. There is more than one item that fits this description in every bag and there is no denying it. Throw out that lip gloss that you like so much and that you’ve been saving for special occasions but there is barely any left in the tube…for the last two years. Let’s face it – there is nothing left in that tube and you have only been lying to yourself. If there is any other item in similar condition, throw it out as well. You have to be able to turn off you sentimentality and you have to be strong; nothing that can’t be used stays, period!

Stuff to have

The things that are going in the bag and going out with you are only the ones that you might use when you are out. They are the emergency batch of makeup which means that there is also a home group of cosmetics. You can do with the home batch whatever you want, and even add the empty lip gloss tube to it. The outdoor makeup is only made of pure essentials and, in a way, it’s the first aid kit of beauty.


Foundation is quite literally the base of all makeup and the first thing that pops to everyone’s mind when we talk about basic makeup. Foundation is used to even up your skin tone and give you a perfect complexion, but many women find it hard to match it with their skin tone. Most of them aren’t even aware of that fact.

If you are insecure about your perfect match, simply ask a professional at the store. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the whole ‘independent woman’ thing you’ve got going on, just swipe a few lines of different colors in the least visible area of your face, preferably across your jawline. The color that is least visible is your color.


An absolute must-have, mascara is a harsh cosmetics item to work with. Not so much because of the way it is applied, but more because of the way it coagulates. Mascara can get all clumpy and gooey, and when that time comes, it’s once again time to part ways. Get a new mascara, or try using a different brand, but never apply the clumpy stuff on your lashes; it looks awful and it feels just as it looks.

Lipstick and lip gloss

Lips are a highly noticeable part of the face, and if you accent them correctly you can really upgrade your makeup game by a few levels. That being said, lips are also a huge pain in the neck because they are the part that you often like to use during the day, whether it’s for drinking all those margaritas or for smooching with that cute coworker. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us.

Because of their frequent use, lips are often left high and dry, naked and afraid, without anything to make them stand out and protect them. That’s why lipstick or lip gloss, whichever you prefer, should always be at your reach. A nice idea is to have at least two different lipsticks, one in different color than you normally use, just in case. You can get all kinds of lipsticks in all kinds of colors by buying bulk makeup supplies, which is also a nice way to restock on a few other cosmetic necessities.


As its name suggests, concealer is used when there is something on your face that you wish wasn’t there. Unfortunately, no, it can’t hide the lump that makes your nose imperfect; that can only be done by a surgeon. Concealer, on the other hand, is used when there are dark circles or pimples to get rid of.

While it is not a permanent solution to your problems, it might be a lifesaver when those days come and zits start popping out all over the place…specifically, all over your face. It’s also great to hide the dark circles around your eyes that might set in after a long day at work, and you don’t want your coworkers to see your soft side. Be strong, be bright, and be beautiful.

How to stay stylish during winter

Dressing in the winter requires a lot of dedication and persistence. You can’t just put on your beanie and wrap a scarf around your neck and think that you are ready for the outside world. It just doesn’t work that way, the world is cruel and the only thing you will achieve this way is to get tuberculosis. You don’t want that and I want to help you avoid it.

man wearing winter outfit

Fortunately, you don’t have to put on every piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe in order to stay warm. This will only limit your movement, make you even less fashionable, and you will become an easy target for the kids who are just waiting for their next snowball fight victim. Furthermore, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your style to stay warm. You don’t have to join that group of people who do everything in order to save themselves from low temperatures – huge, bulky jackets, large skiing gloves, fluorescent pants and hideous boots are just a part of their winter clothing line. Once again, they are an easy target for kids’ snowballs.

You can have everything: style, warmth and mobility, all incorporated in your wardrobe. It is hard and you won’t get it right from the first try, but you’ll get there. What are my secrets? Listen carefully, but don’t go telling people afterwards…I mean, they are secrets after all.


There is a lot of truth in what our mothers and grandmothers were telling us – take the umbrella, eat your peas, you’ll freeze… And we never took umbrella, never ate our peas and we were always cold. All this happened because we weren’t listening to them, but once I wised up, I started listening. I started taking the umbrella with me and never got wet, I started eating peas and my life hasn’t changed in any way because of it, but what’s most important, I started wearing layers.

Wearing multiple thinner layers is crucial if you want to survive the winter as it will keep you much warmer that wearing only a few, thick layers. There is much more room for warm air to be stored and warm air in between your layers means warm body under the clothes. Also, layers provide you with an incredible amount of possible outfits. You can mix and match all you want and mixing and matching is the key to looking sharp. A warm winter coat, no matter how beautiful, can never look like much on its own, but in combination with a stylish sweater vest and a cool shirt it really kicks your style up a notch.

Types of layers

There are three main layers and each of them has its purpose. The first layer, the base, is the one that firmly cuddles your body. This is often a t-shirt, an undershirt or something similar, that not only keeps you warm, but also absorbs all the sweat you make…while freezing your ass off…flawless logic.

The second or the middle layer serves as an insulator. It traps the heat and actually keeps you warm. It has to be something thick, like a sweater, a shirt or even a denim jacket.

The last layer is what really stands between you and death. Well, maybe not death, but frostbites. Okay, maybe not even frostbites in normal conditions, but it stands between you and some serious cold. This layer is usually made of one, heavy-duty, protective jacket or a warm winter coat that will keep the low temperature, wind, rain, snow or pink space monsters from harming you during the winter.

What you do with these layers is combine them. The first layer is the thinnest and each consecutive layer should get exponentially thicker. Combine different materials in order to get the most stylish look and never, and I can’t emphasize this enough, NEVER assume that a layer won’t be seen. Even the lowest layer has to be stylish as the temperature might rise or some situation that requires you to take your clothes off might emerge…whatever the situation might be.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a material that works best for each of the layers. As I already said, combine the materials to be more stylish, but also to make the most of them when it comes to heating.

The first layer should absorb, but also wick the sweat. Wool and cotton are great at absorbing, but don’t do such a good work at wicking. That is the job for thin synthetics which are specially designed for this purpose. They snuggle your body without immobilizing it and wick the sweat out.

The middle layer should store as much heat as possible, so it should be made of a strong, heavy material. Wool is the best option as it is one of the warmest materials known to man, woman, sheep, pink space monster or evolution. Also, denim works great with wool, so a nice cardigan in combination with a shirt and a denim jacket, topped off with a coat makes a great casual outfit. However, cotton is not such a bad material in and of itself, so for a more formal look you can put on a dress shirt, sweater vest, a suit jacket and a Chesterfield coat.


Accessorizing is much easier in the winter than in the summer, as you are presented with a lot more options. The first accessory has to be a hat. Beanies are cool, but you can do much better than a beanie. A nice trapper hat is always a good option which is both stylish and extremely warm. Also, flat caps can be incorporated in almost any style, and they will keep you warm if they are made of suitable materials such as wool lining for example.

The next must-have accessory is the scarf. Aside from keeping you warm, a scarf can always bring some freshness into your outfit. Wear a colorful scarf with interesting patterns in order to break the monotony of your coat and learn as many different ways to tie it as you can. That way, you will always look different while still being recognizable. However, you don’t have to learn the Lenny Kravitz’s way of wearing a scarf; it’s a bit over the top. Last and maybe the least are gloves. Why are they the least? Because you have pockets on your coat or jacket, so gloves aren’t all that necessary. Also, some people don’t like the look, but if you are a glove person, just go for it. Pick the best and warmest gloves you can find and match them with one of your layers, with your belt or with some other detail to achieve the perfect style.

Staying warm when skiing - myth or reality?

man skiing downhill

For many people this is a myth because they don’t know what I know and what you will know in four to six minutes. While staying warm when skiing is extraordinarily hard it is definitely not impossible. On one hand, it is understandable that beginners, people who have never gone skiing before, are having troubles staying warm. However, many experienced skiers have the same issue. Not being able to stay warm has a lot to with your clothes, but not all is in that part.

Fueling up

Food to you is like wood to fire – it gives you energy and fuels you, and on top of everything, it keeps you warm. Also, skiing burns a lot of calories, even though it doesn’t look like that to many people. This means that, in order to stay warm and not starve on the middle of the slope, you have to have a proper meal before you go out. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch we are talking about, make sure to intake as many calories as possible to keep you full and warm throughout the day.

Another important aspect is hydration. There is virtually no way to bring a water bottle with you on the slope as it will distract you and be very uncomfortable. This means that you have to drink as much water as possible before going out. Proper hydration before setting out to conquer the mountain means that you won’t get dehydrated on your way down, which can sometimes be very long. Also, a free tip: don’t forget to pee before going out because heavy-duty ski suits can be hard to take off and accidents may happen. Furthermore, ski gloves limit your hands’ mobility and they are not the most comfortable for handling those kinds of situations.

Planning and fabricating

Your daily activities and climate conditions vary from one day to the next which means that a lot of planning has to be done with little room left for improvisation. Will you be doing anything other than skiing, how long will you be out, what is the weather going to be like and what is the predominant climate for that specific area? All of that is important and all of it makes a difference in the way you should dress.

a woman skiing downhill

If the weather is dry, without rain or snowfall, you can wear lightweight jackets and pants that aren’t waterproof and that won’t limit and constrict your movement. However, even if it’s dry but the temperatures are extremely low, a heavy, puffy jacket is a must, just as ski gloves or even snowmobile gloves, goggles and a neck gaiter. Windproof jacket is always a good idea, because even if the weather conditions aren’t particularly harsh, you will be moving down the mountain very, very fast. If you don’t have enough insulation from wind, no matter how many layers of clothes you have on you, you will be cold.

If you plan on staying out the whole day, it may be a good idea to bring some additional layers with you. No matter if your clothes are mainly waterproof, chances are something is still going to get wet. Water-resistant clothes are designed to maintain the inner layers dry for a brief period of time and protect you against small amounts of water. However, waterproof clothes do the same but over an extended period of time and they protect from a much larger quantities of water. That being said, I also have to mention that no waterproof piece of clothing can withstand the constant onrush of huge amounts of water. That’s just not possible, so an additional, dry layer can save you from a lot of discomfort.

Layering up

As with everyday winter dressing, layering is important for skiing. Actually, layering is even more important when skiing, as it is a crucial part of the equation that helps you stay warm. As there has been a lot of talk about the importance of layers, the division of layers and their purpose, we will only focus on the layer that is most important for skiing. Now, you might think that it’s the outermost layer and technically you wouldn’t be wrong. However, a layer that is often forgotten is the base layer.

Many focus on the last layer and they are right to do so. It keeps you insulated and protected from the elements. Nonetheless, in the process of focusing on that particular layer, many tend to forget about the importance of the base. The base is what actually keeps you warm, and what’s even more important, it keeps you dry. It usually consists of one piece of clothes, most commonly an undershirt. Its main purpose is to grip your body and wick the sweat your body makes. Because of this, cotton is not a good option for the base layer, even though a lot of undershirts are made from it. Cotton has major absorbing capabilities, which isn’t all good, since it has almost no wicking abilities. This means that the sweat is trapped close to your body and over time it gets cold. This sucks if your goal is to stay warm, so mixture of synthetic and cotton is the best option.

Taking a break

As it was already mentioned, skiing can be really hard and tiresome. Great tactic is to take a break every now and then. Find a nice little coffee shop and relax with a cup of coffee, or even better with a cup of tea. Also, you can refuel on food and water while warming up, resting and drying off your clothes. Hot liquids, like soups, will warm you up, but be careful not to overeat as it will negatively influence your performance. A light snack should be enough.

Once you are rested, refueled and dried, you will be much more comfortable once you get back out. Repeat this as much as you need to get the ultimate skiing experience.

Winter Accessories for Women - Keep it Cute and Warm

From the very first time we feel cold, from the very first noticeable drop in the temperature and from the first big rainfall, our styles take the turn for…well, I don’t want to say for the worse, so let’s just say it’s not for the better. We start putting comfort before style, we put warmth before fashion and frankly, our style generally becomes messy and lazy.

This is very reasonable and inevitable, since it is only natural for us to instinctively survive harsh natural elements. We bundle up, layer up and make ourselves look like Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters…just not as cute or as big…only as puffy as him. Again, this is very rational and understandable. However, a line has to be drawn and compromises have to be made. Being fashionable is like waging a war against plain and boring clothes and unstylishness. It’s a constant battle and it’s one that requires some sacrifices (started sounding like a politician here).

Now, I’m not saying that you should freeze for the sake of style, because you shouldn’t. What you should do is to think and pay attention to the details. You can still be warm in the same outfit as before, with only minor adjustments. And what are these adjustments? Well, read the headline.


It may sound like coats are not accessories but…oh, wait, they aren’t. So what are they doing here, right? Well, even though coats themselves aren’t accessories, they can be used to accessorize. There are endless possibilities to accessorizing a coat or a jacket or whatever you choose to wear as a top layer in the winter. Yeah, you can even accessorize a one-piece snow suit, although it’s questionable how fashionable it will turn out.

Plain, warm winter coats are best for accessorizing. They are simple without too many colors or patterns that may not go well with accessories. A plain coat means that you can put almost any accessory on it and it will match. It doesn’t even have to match as long as you do it on purpose and tell people it’s a fashion statement. Yes, that’s how fashion works – put on a piece that matches nothing and call it a fashion statement and everything is better.

While that was a bit ironic, it actually is partially true. You can’t really put on any accessory you get your hands on, but you can experiment and improvise a lot. Here are some examples:

Add a fancy belt. Since your coat will usually be fairly simple, you can embellish it with a wide or a skinny belt. It makes a lot of difference which one you chose and it’s mainly up to you and what you want to accomplish. A wide belt will give you a sophisticated, even extravagant look, while the skinny belt will accentuate your shape and make the coat look slim-fitting even if it’s not. Also, a slimmer belt is a bit more fashionable while a thicker belt could even be retro.

If belts are your thing, something that is similarly retro and fashionable at the same time is a broach. A small, cute, silver broach is a great detail on a dark, black or navy blue coat. However, it shouldn’t be too large, as it will be too distracting and over-the-top. Also, choose only one of the two – either a belt or a broach. You only need one highly noticeable detail on your coat.

Completely opposite of the previous two, rhinestones are absolutely modern and trendy without as much of a retro feel. The idea is to decorate the collar, cuffs and maybe even lapels of your coat with rhinestones. They will give you a lot of color and a playful, frisky look.

The last mention in the coat accessorizing has to be a vest. However, it’s not just any vest; it’s a fur vest. Whether it’s real or faux, a fur vest is a great accessory that can boost your style in the ways you’ve never even imagined. Put it on top of your coat and watch how layering transforms from practical heating invention into stylish decoration.

Gloves and Scarves

Gloves and scarves are a winter necessity, especially when the temperatures drop below the freezing point. Beside their practical use, they can significantly increase your style and make you look even more fashionable than ever. Well, maybe their power isn’t that big, but you get the point.

Thermal gloves will keep your hands warm like it is summer, but beware not to wear some tacky old grandmother’s gloves. They won’t look retro or extravagant but only old and outdated. Again, gloves with fur details will look great, but only if they are the only fur piece on you. Don’t overdo it in the fur department.

Scarf can be matched to your gloves to get two statement accessories that are basically the same. Again, no grandma’s scarves allowed and no overstating with fur.


Hats are great because, just as gloves, they keep your head warm and can look really awesome. On the other hand, they can get a bit boring as you see them all the time and there is hardly any chance that you will have a unique hat. You can always get a beanie and decorate it with patches, rhinestones or other embellishments, but why not be even more creative?

Many think that earmuffs are just for kids, but that’s not true. Earmuffs are extremely cute and if you are going for that cute, schoolgirl look then I highly suggest earmuffs. You can add decorations of your own, such as furry details (again, only if it’s the only furry element), you can add a bowtie, etc.

Trendy bag

A bag has a practical use that is slightly different than the use of everything listed above. It can never keep you warm, but a bag will help you take all your winter necessities with you. The bigger the bag, the better, and that’s not only because it means that it’s more practical. Oversized bags are “in” right now, so just stick to what fashion experts suggest.

You can match the colors of all the previous accessories, and for instance wear a white coat with red accessories. However, try not to wear absolutely all of the accessories at the same time, because you will look flashy and people will think that you try too hard.

Winter Vacation Essentials

Surviving a winter vacation requires much more than just booking a nice cozy cottage, or having a fireplace in it and a dead bear on the floor. While this does help in a significant way (except for the bear who is not helpful in any way) it will not keep you warm or sheltered when you go out, and I suppose you were planning on going out if you are going on a winter vacation.

Winter vacations are tricky, particularly because they carry a lot of contradiction with them. For example, you will need both winter clothes for the outside and not-so-warm, thinner clothes for when you are inside. Also, you will need a lot protection against the cold, but you will also need sunglasses and sunscreen. Why sunglasses and sunscreen? We’ll talk about it later. Let’s start with more obvious things and carefully make our way through this complex task.

The universal necessities

These things are somewhat implied, but as I said, we are going to start with some, more obvious, essentials. Furthermore, many people forget about the universal necessities because there is just too much stuff to think about when you are going on a holiday. That’s why a lot of money is spent on buying things you already have and could bring with you. Stuff like toothbrushes, underwear, deodorants and many others don’t sound too expensive, right? And they usually aren’t unless you are buying a high-tech toothbrush that, after it makes you lunch and cleans your apartment, starts packing you for the vacation, irons your clothes and buys you a plane ticket online.

That kind of toothbrushes may be expensive, but regular toothbrushes for mortals like you and I aren’t so much. Neither are deodorants and underwear, but there is a catch. If you regularly forget about the universal necessities, the amount of money you spend on them is accumulated. At one point you will realize that it’s much easier, more practical and much more economical to bring them with you, rather than buying them over and over again.

Warm clothes

Well, duh man! Again, it’s implied, but you also need to know what kind of warm clothes you are taking with you. If you apply (and you should) layering when dressing for the winter, then you should pack at least one piece of the first and middle layers for every day of your vacation stay. This means that a 10 days holiday requires, for instance, 10 undershirts and 10 sweaters. You can break it in half and make it look like this: 5 undershirts and t-shirts and 5 sweaters and button-ups. You should ideally take two pieces for each day if conditions, such as means of travel and distance, allow you to.

As for the top layer and shell, one piece of each is enough for approximately 10 days. After that you risk of being left with soaked coats and wet jackets that can’t dry as fast as you need them to. Also, the shell layer is crucial if you are going on an active vacation, i.e. if you plan on skiing, hiking or even having a snowball fight or making snow angels.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Wait, when did we start talking about summer vacation? Oh that’s right, we didn’t. Sunglasses and sunscreen are very important for winter even though you might not have thought so. Their importance comes from the fact that there is still sun during the winter, isn’t there? When the days are especially sunny, the danger of getting sunburnt or snow-blinded is increased and many people are oblivious to this, especially if it’s their first winter vacation.

Socks…lots of socks

No matter how good your shoes or boots are, chances are that every pair of socks you bring to the vacation is going to get wet sooner or later. It’s something like a winter vacation rule – no matter how many socks you carry and no matter how good your footwear is, you are going to be lacking socks because they are all going to get wet. So pack socks as much and as versatile as you can. Pack thermal socks, pack fuzzy socks, pack wools socks…everything you can think of. Even thinner socks are a good idea, since you will be spending a lot of your time inside, in front of the fire place or radiator, waiting for the thicker ones to dry off.

Hats, gloves and scarves

These pieces can serve you a double purpose – they will keep you warm and protected from the cold, wind and snow, and they can make you look stylish and awesome. There is nothing better than a hat with ear protection, and you can find beanies with folded rim or with ear flaps that will perfectly serve this purpose. If not, you can combine them with earmuffs, which come in various designs for men, women and children.

Scarves are just an addition to the hats. They keep your neck warm, but if the weather really gets nasty, you can just take your scarf and wrap it around your head. This way, additional protection is focused on the head and if you do it right, you might even score some style points from it.

When it comes to gloves, thermal winter gloves are your best option to keep your hands warm while not active. Wool is especially good because it can still keep your hands warm even it gets a bit wet. On the other hand, there are countless of things to do on a winter vacation, so I doubt you will spend much of your time inactive. Stuff like skiing and snowmobile riding are probably the most popular, and there are even special skiing and snowmobile gloves you should buy if you plan on doing this. No matter what you plan on doing during the vacation, gloves are a must.

Best Summer Footwear

We forget, all too often, how important a part of our wardrobe footwear is. Society makes us imagine the foot as something undesirable and so we don't think about them as much as we perhaps should; and much as we'd all love to just slip into a pair of comfortable sandals every morning and be done with it, comfortable sandals aren't always an option. On the other hand, sweaty feet are something we'd all love to avoid; it's hard to imagine anything more unpleasant than the sensation of your toes stewing inside a disturbingly toasty pair of shoes and socks on a hot summer day instead of the comfortable sandals you long for. The feeling only gets worse in the evening after a long day of work when you can feel just how clammy and gross your skin feels under those layers of fabric and leather. So how can we get the best of both worlds in summer? Find something that has the same ease and breeziness as wearing a comfortable pair of sandals but still comes up to the standards of the formal workplace dress code? And, if possible, fits the standards of fashion and helps us to still come across as chic and up to date? Read on and find out which stylish shoes and sandal options fall into which category this year...

Boat Shoes

So called because the original point of these rubber-soled pieces of footwear was to give sailors better traction on the deck of dangerously swaying ships, boat shoes are a welcome addition to any landlubber's wardrobe this summer. Usually available in a variety of materials, canvas is definitely your best option to beat the heat (at least when your even more comfortable sandals can't be worn). And much like those always comfy sandals, you can feel free to wear these bad boys sans-sock to keep that pesky temperature down even more. They're available in a wide variety of colors so they're easy to match with any existing wardrobe items you might have your heart set on for the season. The full-on sailor look can be a little off-putting if not done right, though, so avoid mismatching these with white pants or buying pairs with too much ornamentation or extra laces; go with the simple comfortable ones, instead.


Similar in design to the boat shoe (and with the bonus of sometimes having straps reminiscent of a pair of nice, trendy summer sandals), loafers have the added benefit of being even lighter than them - with any luck, you'll barely notice you have them on. They're a versatile shoe that combines well with almost anything, and the clever dresser will be able to match a good pair of loafers with both casual and formal outfits. Wear them with socks, or, if you're particularly daring, go for the Miami Vice look and avoid socks altogether - more power to you. As comfort goes, they're not quite as comfortable as sandals, but darn it, they come close; a well-chosen pair of loafers will walk you through any door.

Converse All Stars

Comfortable sandals may be the pinnacle of relaxed footwear in summer, but the evergreen "chucks" are a very close second, bringing to their wearers something that sandals, however easy on the foot, lack: the ability to run in them. Ever tried to play an impromptu summer game of basketball in sandals? It's a recipe for a fall and a subsequently broken nose. Much as we enjoy the relaxed comfort of sandals (and we do love a comfortable pair of sandals), we have to give credit where credit is due and name Chuck Taylors as the shoe that best combines comfort AND practicality for any casual summer occasion. Like some of the other styles we've listed here, they're made of tough but breathable cotton canvas and available in an overwhelming variety of colors in addition to being cheaply priced, so why stop at one pair? Get yourself a set of All Stars for all possible combinations.


The close cousin of the ever-comfortable sandal and possibly the only item of footwear more relaxed than they are. They'll make you more relaxed too, if only because a relaxed walk is about as fast as you'll ever be able to go in these; any faster and you'll leave them behind on the sidewalk and wonder why you left your poor, comfortable sandals at home. Flip-flops have long been relegated to the realms of beach culture and Australia, but as with many other unusual clothing styles, hipster fashion has seen them make a resounding comeback. Extremely cheap and available in a million different shapes, sizes, and colors, flip-flops are about as close you can get to walking around in bare feet while still being shod, and are thus an excellent choice for any casual situation. Be careful, though; when the sign says "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service", they mean you, casual flip-flop wearer. Bet you wish you'd worn those sandals now, don't you?

Woven Slip-on Shoes

Similar to the loafer in appearance and manner of being put on, slip-ons will give a sophisticated and old-school summer look in those scorching temperatures when the more comfortable sandals just aren't an option. There's a huge number of different individual designs for this shoe, but they're all equally breezy and light, so pick out one pair for formal dress and another for more casual combinations when shoe shopping, perhaps one white and one black. One color you'll want to avoid with these shoes is brown, or at least the earthier variety of brown; because of their design, woven slip-ons in that color tend to look less like shoes and more like you stepped out of the house wearing the laundry hamper on your feet.

Winter Accessories for Men - Keep it Trendy and Warm

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t have to be that you should forget about style. You can’t just give up and wear oversized jacket and a beanie from high school that has pompoms. By the way, I’ve got nothing against beanies, but there is a time and place for a beanie just as there are different styles of beanies. Some of them are more stylish and some are less. Maybe it was a bit cute back in high school, but you are a grownup now and you don’t want to be cute; you want to be taken seriously and you want people not to think of you as immature or irresponsible. You are a real man and you have to act and dress like one.

In order to accomplish this, you will have to give up the oversized jacket that provides you with zero style points and substitute it with some real men’s winter wear. You will have to do much more mixing of clothes, much more layering and what’s probably most important for us at this moment, you will have to do a lot more accessorizing. Starting from the top, your winter outfit should, ideally, look something like this:

Winter hats

There is a wide range of winter hats for men to choose from, some of which were presented in one of our previous articles. This time, we’ll try to keep it short.

The point with hats is to keep it classic. You don’t need some goofy, childish hat that will entertain your friends and make you a class clown. You need a real hat, that will keep your head and, possibly, ears warm and that will look cool while doing so. You can choose from wide range of men’s beanies, flat caps, trapper hats and others. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages, and for example a flat cap won’t keep you warm as a trapper hat, but a trapper hat won’t look as stylish as flat cap.

It all depends on the particular day in the winter. If it’s a bit warmer, you can probably go for a flat cap, but if it’s really cold I don’t recommend sacrificing comfort and body heat for style. At that point, your best choice is a nice, thick trapper hat, or at least a beanie.


Bling-bling and other necklaces won’t help you much against the cold weather, and truthfully, they won’t help you much with style either. What can help you with both, on the other hand, is a cool scarf. A scarf is a very potent stylish weapon, if not put in Lenny Kravitz’s hands. Even though he wears everything with such confidence, some of his fashion statements aren’t all that fashionable. Actually, maybe they are too fashionable.

To avoid ending up like a middle-aged, pop-rock star, you have to control your scarf and not let your scarf control you. You have to show him who’s the boss and tame that thing. Don’t wear holiday scarves that match your holiday sweater your great-grandma knitted. That should stay within the boundaries of family gatherings. A stylish scarf can be almost any (other) scarf, but the key is how you implement it in your clothes. For example, if you are dressed a bit more formal, with the maximum of two (usually neutral) colors on you, you can break the whole outfit with a patterned scarf. Match it with a pocket square (if you are suited up) to get even more spicy looks.

Eye protection

It may not sound that way, but eye protection is almost equally as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Of course, sun is much stronger and the radiation much more harmful in the summer, but that’s exactly where the problem occurs. People are prepared for the possible harm in the summer so they wear sunglasses, but they are also often unaware of the harm that could happen in the winter. That’s why, even on the sunny days, most people don’t wear sunglasses and that’s when eyes suffer.

My personal favorites are timeless types that were in the fashion world since their invention, and probably will be until fashion exists as a phenomenon. There is nothing better than incorporating timeless design with modern, extravagant fashion. Even better, make every accessory you put on a retro accessory, and all the rest of your clothes modern. And I don’t mean like those futuristic modern sneakers everyone is wearing right now; I mean classy modern clothes that are trendy and fashionable. Pure and simple if you ask me.


Since boots aren’t really accessories and belts don’t do enough when it comes to heating to get on this list (nor is all that visible), the last accessory we will deal with are gloves.

Gloves are not all that crucial for winter survival because, you know – pockets. Nonetheless, gloves do provide a lot of heat (if chosen properly) and, unlike pockets they enable you to actually use your hands. Two major arguments in favor of wearing gloves are more than enough to start wearing gloves.

There is one thing to keep in mind – warmest gloves aren’t necessarily the best gloves or the most stylish ones. Sometimes, woolen gloves might prove to be the warmest, but when soaked in snow, they absorb all the moisture and your hands might get wet and thus very, very cold. On the other hand (both literally and figuratively), there are gloves made from synthetic materials that not only keep your hands warm throughout the day, but also prevent them from getting wet. However, those are often ski gloves that honestly lack in style. They are great and stylish enough for ski trails, but they don’t match your coat all that good.

Don’t just give up yet. This is the part where you will have to compromise and add some style at the expense of warmth. But still, not all warmth is lost and your hands are still heated and protected by gloves. Some leather gloves are always a good idea, while cotton should be avoided because of its unbelievable (non)absorbing properties, which isn’t great for when you need your hands dry.

Looking trendy during winter - is it possible?

Let me tell you right away – of course it is possible. Women can look trendy in wintertime, and that is a proven fact. However, the road to looking cute and stylish during winter is not an easy one. You have to spend a lot of time combining, mixing and matching, and many times you will just end up with an outfit that you don’t like. You mustn’t be afraid to dismantle the attire you came up with and start from scratch. This does take even more of your time, but that is the only way to ensure that your clothes do look assembled and as if a lot of thought and attention was put into forming them.

In order to shorten the time required to do this, I am here to provide you with a helping hand. You will no longer have to spend hours in front of the mirror just because it’s winter. You will know by heart what to look for in your winter clothing, how to match and what to top them off with, both literally, with cool (yet warm) winter hats, and figuratively, with accessories and details that will keep you warm and make you super-cute.


Firstly, let’s break a misconception that skirts are not meant to be worn in the winter. A skirt is possibly the cutest and most potent part of woman’s wardrobe, so it would be a shame not to wear them in the winter. Imagine a superhero without his powers; that’s the way a girl should feel without a skirt at her disposal. And, since winter can be very long, being stripped of your powers for a few months is definitely not a good thing.

The key here is to protect the parts that are normally protected by pants, but are now exposed because of the skirt. To accomplish this, wear heavy-duty knit tights underneath the skirt or wear knee-high boots. If the weather is really below freezing, you can wear both and combine them with a nice, woolen cardigan, warm beanie, colorful scarf and a long coat. You can also wear a thick pair of wool socks for additional feet protection.

Even though this is a pretty warm combination, you should be extremely careful when and how you use it. It can protect you from low temperatures, but there is a limit where skirts are really out of the question. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Topping it off

When I say this, I don’t mean the actual topping you put on a cake, but it is more of an icing on the cake…again, figuratively. This is the accessorizing part, which means that not only is it necessary from the “staying warm” point of view, but it’s also necessary from the style point of view. Now, these aren’t the accessories that have no practical use in the winter whatsoever, such as bracelets or belts. These are the accessories that make you both cool and warm and that are why they are so important.

First, let’s address hats. There are tons of different styles of winter hats for women which gives you a lot of room to experiment and try out new stuff. You don’t even necessarily have to wear a hat – you can wear ear muffs. They are absolutely adorable and they keep your ears warm. What more can you ask for? Oh, yes, protection for your whole head. Well, not even the best ear muffs can do that, but a trendy beanie just might. A beanie not only keeps your head warm, it’s also a piece that is not likely to leave the fashion world any time soon. It has a timeless design and what you should look for is a lot of pompoms, patches, colors and even patterns. A cute beanie is also the one with earflaps or even the one with a ponytail hole.

Scarves are naturally a must in the winter. They usually keep your neck protected from the cold, but you can wrap them around your head and keep the whole head warm and cozy. A truly fashionable look is a combination of a hat and a scarf. You can take almost any hat, even a spring/summer hat which offers less warmth, because it will be supplemented with the warmth of your scarf. Put the hat on your head, wrap the scarf around it and Voila! You got yourself a winning combo! Make sure to use a lot of colors, especially if you are wearing a single-colored coat or jacket. Use that scarf to break the monotony of your own outfit and the monotony of white-greyish snowy winter.

Another great way to keep warm is to wear gloves. Hands are particularly subjected to the low temperatures and extreme cold is bad for your skin. To prevent cracks, dried up skin and other things caused by the winter, I suggest wearing best and warmest gloves you can find. Match them with your scarf if possible, or with some other detail of your choosing. The best thing to do is to wear wool gloves, because they offer the most heat, but cotton gloves can work pretty well, too. Also, when it comes to gloves, cotton has a bit more style and chic to it than wool.

Finishing touches

It was once said by a very wise person that the devil is in the details. Who are we to judge what wise people say? We can merely adopt it and live by those words which, in this context, means that you have to add details as much as possible, without overdoing it.

Whether it’s faux or real, fur is always a great option. Many oppose real fur, so faux is always a great substitute. You can wear it as a detail, for example a fur scarf or boots with fur details, or you can have a whole piece in fur, like a jacket. However, don’t put on multiple fur pieces as you risk looking like a Big Foot.

Another super-hot and, at the same time cute detail, is lace. Much like fur, it should only be a small detail; nothing exaggerated or too emphasized. A lace peeking from behind a turtleneck or underneath the skirt is smoking hot, but a full-laced scarf or shirt is not all that practical in the winter. Again, one laced piece is just enough to make a fashion statement.

Stylish winter headwear for women

When searching for cool and trendy women’s winter hats online, what you are often presented with are all kinds of hats that do everything except actually keeping your head warm. Different types of berets, wide brim hats, bowler hats and many others come up and they all do look amazingly stylish. However, none of them do what a winter hat should do – that is protecting your head against cold weather and snow. It seems like looks are once more put ahead of the purpose, which isn’t all that good when it comes to your health.

Fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. There are numerous sorts of hats and even other headwear that will do a much better job at keeping you warm and still making you look cute and lovely. Maybe a little of the style is lost, but it still beats having your head and ears frozen for the sake of looks. No hat is worth that pain.

Headbands and earmuffs

ear muffs

Headbands and earmuffs will provide you with the least protection compared to any other winter hat, but they still keep your head warmer than, let’s say riding caps. Headbands aren’t even that stylish, but you can make it work with a bit of imagination. They are great for sports activities or for the gym, and they work great for when you need something to hold your hair from getting in your eyes.

Earmuffs, on the other hand, can be really stylish and they are absolutely cute. You can wear them in any occasion and incorporate them in every style. There are many types of earmuffs, from the heart-shaped ones and the ones with small accessories such as bows, to the ultra-practical ones that are even headphones at the same time. Best earmuffs will give your ears a lot of protection against the cold and they are great if you want to keep your hairstyle intact. However, no earmuffs will protect you against snow.

Silk and knitted scarves

head scarves

You might be thinking that scarves are only for your neck and that silk scarves have no place in the winter clothing department, but you would be wrong. Wearing scarves tied over your head is a trend that is getting more and more attention, which is great, because not only does it look stylish, but it also has a practical use. When tied around your head, scarves protect both your ears from freezing, but also the rest of your head from the elements, and your hair from getting wet. Naturally, silk scarves have the most fashionable look, which incorporates many colorful designs and patterns, but also creative and even more sophisticated variations such as those of lace scarves. Unfortunately, both silk and lace scarves provide a far weaker shield against the cold than the knitted scarves.

Knitted scarves, on the other hand, will keep your head warm in the same way the knitted hats do, but in a more elegant way. There is just something chic about a scarf tied around your head that no hat will ever accomplish. To get a really extravagant look, you can always put on a hat that provides less heat but looks cool, and wrap a scarf over it. This is a winning combination for me, as it gives you warmth, good looks and comfort.

Ushankas, trapper hats and beanies

Who says that proper winter hats for women can’t also be stylish? The best example that this isn’t correct is all the hats listed above. Each of these hats do an amazing job at keeping your head warm, protecting you from the snow and still making you look fashionable.

trapper hat

Ushankas are basically a Russian invention from the beginning of the 20th century. If Russians were cold and felt the need to invent something that will protect them against the low temperatures and extreme winters, then you know that it really will protect you from the winter. Even though the modern ushankas are essentially the same hats from about 100 years ago, they have evolved a lot and become a lot more stylish. The ultimate winter gear, ushankas are now designed and created by some of the most important fashion designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, which means that you will always be able to find an ushanka that will perfectly fit into your wardrobe.

Trapper hats are actually a combination of ushankas and aviator hats. Some think of them as hybrids of ushankas, but I like to view them as entirely separate hats. They mix the design of the aviator hats with their earflaps and the material of the ushankas, which is most often fur or a synthetic equivalent to fur. Made famous by Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny’s mortal enemy, trapper hats are one of the warmest winter hats out there. In my opinion, they are an essential part of both women’s and men’s winter clothes, not only because of their practical use, but also for their amazing look. I would maybe stay away from the plaid trapper hats as they have a bit of a lumberjack vibe to them, but if that’s your cup of tea, then just go for it.

Beanies are probably the most popular winter hats, which makes them dull in a way, but you can always personalize them and make a real fashion statement out of them. There are numerous of styles of beanie hats for women, so you will have no problem finding the one that fits you best. Currently, over-the-top hats are in, so you should keep an eye on the hats with a lot of pompoms, glittering ornaments and decorations of all kinds. The perfect beanie at this moment would probably have pompoms, glitter, maybe even some patches and motifs and even down rail earflaps. There are also beanies with ponytail holes, which are perfect if you like to rock a ponytail and your hats have never enabled you to do it.

Keeping your head warm while still looking cool

a man wearing clasic winer fashion

Winter is an especially difficult part of the year when it comes to staying fashionable and looking cool while not freezing to death. You have to find the perfect balance and compromise a lot in order to achieve style and warmth simultaneously, which seems to be easier for women. They manage it with limited difficulty, while men often get stranded and end up either frozen, looking ridiculous or both.

One of the trickiest parts of the winter clothing is also one of the most neglected, and that is your head. Well, not literally the head, but what you put on it, and that’s hats. Winter hats are a must have, even for the softest of winters, but many men just discard them and either choose to have their ears frozen or to wear fashionable hats that offer little to no protection from the low temperatures.

What many men don’t know and aren’t bothered to find out, is that there are endless styles of winter hats for men that provide both warmth and style. Some provide more warmth, some provide more style and it’s up to you to choose which one to wear in which occasion. The truth is, there is no ultimate winter hat that provides absolute style and maximum protection from the winter at the same time…or is there?

Keep it classic

This is kind of a golden rule – stick to timeless styles and variations that are proven to be stylish over the years and that will keep being “in” for many winters to come. This means that experimenting is not such a good idea when it comes to this part. Stay away from hats with tentacles and/or eyes, hats that look like knight helmets, brain-shaped hats and other crazy inventions. No matter how much warmth they provide, these hats are as far from stylish as something can be.

Being somewhat goofy, these hats can be a bit cute, but cute should be left for a snowball fight with your girlfriend and not for everyday purposes. If you wear them on daily basis, nobody will take you seriously and everyone will think that you are an immature, irresponsible child. Especially avoid wearing them to work. A way to keep it classy is to wear only everlasting styles and among the hats that fit this description, the most popular and trendy are flat caps, watch caps, trapper hats and beanies.

a stylish man wearing a flat cap

Flat caps

Flat caps, also known as newsboy caps, are one of the most fashionable hats you can wear at this moment. They look amazing and fit almost any style, which makes them easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and personalize them.

The history of the flat cap can be traced to the 14th century England which makes this hat a piece with a very long tradition. Wearing it, you will feel like a real British gentleman, and what’s even more important, you will also look like one.

While flat caps do provide a lot of style, they aren’t the warmest of the bunch. They are more of a fall/spring type of headwear, but they work great for shorter winter outings or warmer winter days. To make sure the most heat possible is provided, get yourself a wool-lined tweed flat cap with ear flaps.

Watch caps

A must-have for every burglar or bank robber in every Hollywood movie ever, watch caps are simple, knitted, round hats which most often have folded-up rim for additional protection at the ear region.

a man wearing a black winter hat

Watch caps are most popular in plain black or navy blue and they offer incredible amount of heat. They are one of the warmest hats out there, especially if they have that folded rim that protects your ears. Other than protecting from the cold, they offer protection against snow and they are extremely practical, because you can take them off at any point and put them in your jacket if the temperature rises.

The watch caps come in many different materials, but most often are made from cotton, wool or synthetic. Usually, they are a mixture of two materials, but wool caps definitely provide the most warmth, protection, style and comfort.

Trapper hats

trapper hat

Trapper hats are basically a mixture of two hats – ushankas and aviator hats. They take the material which ushankas are made from, and combine it with the style and shape of the aviator hats. They are usually very large and heavy-duty, and they have earflaps. They are made of fur, while the less expensive ones are often made from synthetic materials which are highly similar to fur and have almost identical heating characteristics.

Other than being extremely warm and protecting you from the harshest of winters, trapper hats are absolutely fashionable and cool. They come in variety of styles and materials which makes them versatile and can be easily incorporated into any attire. As I already said, you can find some furry ones, but you can also stumble upon a leather trapper hat, waxed canvas or fleece. The options are abundant and the only trick is to choose what you think will fit you best.


a hipster wearing a beanie

The most popular, the most famous hat and the hat that barely needs any introduction is definitely a beanie hat. This hat is so versatile and practical that it’s an essential addition to any winter clothes collection. Depending on the style, beanies can be pulled off in both casual and semi-formal situations, but you do have to be careful. You can’t wear a beanie with pompoms, earflaps and chin strings to a formal event. The plainer the hat, the more formal it gets. However, no beanie is absolutely formal, even the plainest amongst them.

What makes a difference between a beanie and a watch cap is that watch caps are usually round and as plain as possible, while beanies come in incredible amount of styles, colors and with a lot of accessories. Beanie hats for men are usually calmer and with less accessories than women’s beanies, but they can also have pompoms, patches, earflaps and other ornaments.

How To Stay Fashionable Even On The Beach

With summer getting closer every day, a long trip to the seaside is at the forefront of everybody's mind. And what's a trip to the seaside without long walks in sundresses and a pair of women's flip flops to let the sunshine hit those legs? Personally, though, I hate packing for a trip. When I take time to pick some things out, I always make a few small but crucially bad decisions so that when I get where I'm going, I'm never happy with what I packed and it's impossible to put a good combination together. This is how I've ended up spending the majority of my summer vacations in a swimsuit and flip flops and nothing else. Once or twice I've tried to remedy this character flaw by just leaving the whole process until the last minute and overloading the two large suitcases I own with literally every piece of summer clothing that I possess: hats and sunglasses; swimsuits and sandals; sundresses upon sundresses upon sundresses in every color and cut; flip-flops for the beach, flip-flops for the city, flip-flops for an evening out... I like flip-flops, ok? Later as I spread out that ungodly pile of clothing, accessories and shoes out in front of myself, I couldn't avoid a certain train of thought: "Good god, I packed a lot of stuff here.... look at all those flip-flops," quickly followed by "Can I even put an outfit together out of this...?" Besides, at a certain point, I have to start sympathizing with my long-suffering boyfriend as he lugs those monstrous things up and down the hotel staircases (what? I'm it's not my fault I'm tiny). So, in the interest of sparing boyfriends everywhere the slipped discs and ladies like myself the agony of choice, here's a list of a few choice items I discovered while being horrible at packing that might help you to keep your luggage light and yourself looking fabulous as you stroll by the sea... and with more than just flip-flops and sundresses to choose from.

Cute Shorts

a girl wearing a cute orange shorts

While maybe not as elegant or effortlessly breezy as a sundress, several cute pair of shorts - trust me on this - are absolutely something you want in your summer holiday arsenal. They're sexy and flattering on just about any woman, and these days you can find them in an overwhelming variety of prints and colors to match your own personal style. Make sure you adapt them nicely to your own height and body type: you want them to sit low on your waist and fit the curves of your body just right. Baggy shorts will look like loose elephant skin hanging off of you, and if you go too tight, they'll squeeze your thighs and make them puff out underneath the hem. And trust me on this one, the over-cooked sausage look is out this season. They go fantastic with a pair of flip-flops, too.

The Striped Shirt

No longer limited to 19th-century inmates to Russian sailors! A striped shirt (horizontally striped, mind you) is another great addition to the casual look for anyone. Keep it loose and leisurely, maybe hanging ever-so-carelessly off of one shoulder, but other than that your options are many: short sleeves or long sleeves, v-neck, scoop neck, even boat-neck... and they'll all offset your shorts and flip-flops nicely. Failing the shirt, why not try the same thing in a sundress? Striped sundresses are slowly but surely creeping into fashion as well, so be a trendsetter now and add a few to your collection.

a girl wearing striped outfit

Stylish Sunglasses

Not the ironic, thick-rimmed coke-bottle bottoms that plague the fashion world these days (when will people realize nobody's laughing?), but the original epitome of cool: a nice, tinted pair of shades. They can pleasantly accent anything from a casual look with shorts to a more formal sundress or a wide-brimmed hat. Take care to pick a pair that matches the shape of your face, though; almost anybody can pull off a pair of aviator Ray-Bans, but for the other styles like butterfly and wayfarer, a little more care needs to be taken. Shield type sunglasses should be avoided by anyone who doesn't want to look they just escaped from a late nineties pop music video. Besides, they'll clash horribly with your flip-flops.

A Fashionable Hat

a girl in white dress wearing a straw hat

An excellent accessory, not only for looking good but (if it's a wide-brimmed one) for keeping those age-intensifying UV rays off of your face. And the wide-brimmed hats are the ones that'll go best with the flip-flops, sundresses, and shorts that we've previously mentioned, meaning your fedora, your floppy-brimmed Casablanca types, even the humble straw Panama hat. Hats to be avoided: baseball and trucker hats (ugh), as well as beanies - the latter have their place, but it's definitely not in the summer heat making your forehead sweat and your make-up run. Also to be avoided: cowboy hats and Rastafarian-type beanies. Unless you're actually from Texas or Jamaica, there is absolutely no justification f<a data-cke-saved-href="http://or this particular crime against fashion... And even then, think carefully before actually putting it on your head; you may not be ready to live with the consequences.

How To Make Your Backyard Child-friendly

Backyards generally fall into two categories: wastelands and wonderlands. The former is devoid of any outdoor kids' toys - or any life for that matter. The closest you usually get to any fun outdoor toys for kids in those cases are abandoned tires, forlorn garden hoses and potentially dangerous ancient lawnmowers - hardly a recipe for fun times. Then we have the wonderlands - well-tended, sunny natural utopias full of plant life and kids' outdoor toys for your little ones to enjoy growing up in. There's always work involved to create one of these in your own backyard, but the payoff can be enormous. And don't your kids deserve the best outdoor toys to have fun with outside rather than being cooped up in their rooms? Well, it's our pleasure to present to you some suggestions for making your kids' outdoor experience more cool.

Plant A Tree

treehouse with a pirate flag

Straight up, I'll admit: this one takes time. A tree as a kids' outdoor toy is a long term investment that'll involve planting, gardening, weeding, tending, pruning... you name it. But as kids’ toys go, it's a pretty amazing one, and you can take advantage of the long process by using it to get your children interested in gardening while they're still at a young age. This will help you to foster a sense of fascination with nature in them at a young age, not to mention how proud they'll be when they see that little sapling grow into a behemoth. The tree by itself can provide shade on those hot summer days and keep the UV rays at bay; depending on what tree you plant, it'll provide healthy snacks like apples once a year (and the kids will get peckish running around your tree all day), or even fun outdoor toys for kids like conkers. And let's not forget one of the coolest kids' toys for the outdoors - the tree house. If you can put the time and effort into building your kids this palace, the fun times will never end. Tree houses are an amazing outdoor treat for your kids and their possibilities are endless: sleepovers, club houses, secret hideaways, pirate ships... with the tree house, the sky’s the limit and it'll definitely be a source of some of the more fun memories of their childhoods. For extra super duper fun times, why not add a rope or tire swing into the mix? It'll make the treehouse that much more interesting, with the added benefit of encouraging your kids to exercise and stay healthy.

Make Them A Chalkboard Wall

outdoor chalboard wall with drawings on it

As low-effort options go, this one might just be your best bet. Even the premise is simple: all you have to do to create this low-tech outdoor kids' toy is paint one of the fences around your backyard black. Step 2: give your little munchkins some multi-colored chalks (they are toys for all purposes) and let their imaginations run wild. It's a well-known fact that activities like writing and drawing have a highly positive effect on the development of fine motor skills in kids, so this idea will double as a way to give your kids an early start in school. If you're really enthusiastic, get them started on the basics of reading and writing too! If you're worried about changing the look of your backyard too much with all that black paint, don't worry: there's no need to do the whole fence. Just a large enough section of it for your offspring to get creative. Even the clean-up is a piece of cake, done by just going over it with a wet sponge to remove any drawings that they don't want anymore, or even just giving it a quick twenty-second spray with your garden hose. What makes this plaything a god's gift to a parent without a lot of free time, though? If you can't find the time to clean it up yourself, the rain will wash this one right up for you, with no negative effects.

Outdoor Twister

painting twister board on the grass

Have fond memories of playing twister with your friends and family members as a child? Well, don't let your own little ones miss out on this awesome game just because we live in the age of technology! Twister can be made into an amazing outdoor kids' game in the blink of an eye. Acrylic paints are dirt cheap and environmentally friendly, so go on ahead and buy some and, also, some thick cardboard to make the spinning twister board at your local crafts store. A few minutes of work with scissors and paintbrush and you're done! You've successfully added another great toy to your kids' outdoor arsenal. Once again, the clean-up on this one is mercifully easy: just leave it to the rain. Until then, enjoy the nice weather and the outdoor toy for kids that'll stick around as long as the sun is shining.

Water Balloons

This is another amazing low-budget, low-effort entry for the summer months. It's a toy that provides tons of fun and is as cheap as they come. All you have to do is buy up a good supply of balloons, fill them up with water, and let 'em rip! As long as the weather's sunny and hot, all necessary cleanup should take care of itself without any hitches. For the more hands-on parent who wants to get creative with a related outdoor kids' toy: the water balloon pinata. Just tie your water balloons (as many or as few as you think appropriate) to a length of twine, blindfold one of your kids and arm them with a stick, then let them have at it. The squeals of joy will warm your heart.

water ballons hanging on a string

Equipping Your Child For The First Day Of School On A Budget

 school supplies

"The first day of school" is a phrase that awakens a sort of primal fear in schoolchildren; will I fit in? Will I be able to make friends? Will the teachers like me? What if my cute school supplies aren't cute enough?! These are the kinds of questions that will be whirling through your child's head at the speed of light. But the horror doesn't end there: that first day carries different but no less terrifying implications for parents, especially those parents on a budget who know exactly how expensive school supplies and stationery can be. For them it's more along the lines of: "Where can I find discount school supplies? Where can I FIND THEM?!" Helping your kid save face while preventing your wallet from losing too much weight might seem like a herculean task, but it's by no means impossible; there are a few hacks you can use to strike a balance between cheaper or discount school supplies and the (often expensive) cute stuff your young'uns crave.


Chances are the list of supplies handed out by your kids' teachers-to-be contain a goodly number of items like scissors, rulers, erasers, pencil cases and so on and so forth. Take a moment and think whether you really need to discount-school-supply-hunting for these particular items or whether you already have them lying around the house. This is even more likely to be the case if it's not the first kid you’re sending to school - there's no shame in handing down perfectly functional and often cute school supplies from older siblings to younger ones. Even your older kids who are starting a new year of school need not buy every item on the list each time: things like scientific calculators and coloring pencils most often end up being rarely used throughout the school year in my own experience. Try simply not buying super-new-fangled and cute school supplies over and over when you already got that same child an excellent one last year; it would be a much wiser choice than doling out the extra cash to needlessly double your supply. After all, the best discount school supplies are the ones that you already own and just need to reorganize a bit.


Having trouble finding discount school supplies? Why not game the system by making your own supplies? Careful coupon hunting through local newspapers can unearth a plethora of coupons reducing the prices of vital and often fashionably cute school supplies by a significant amount, and usually the more of these you have, the more you can knock the price of said supplies down. Get in touch with other parents too; there's an excellent chance they're in the same pickle as you, but no two families have exactly the same needs when it comes to hunting for discounts. There's a possibility you'll be able to do some trading and get the ones you need, and help out a fellow sufferer on their own hunt for appropriately down-priced school supplies along the way.

school supplies


It's common knowledge that buying just about any item in bulk will reduce the price of the individual item; that's capitalism at work right there and it's how all the big store chains make their money. But ask yourself why should they be making a profit off of you, dear reader? Organize a bulk-buying discount school supply initiative with other parents from your school or neighborhood. Things like pens and pencils can be bought for a fraction of the price when you order them in bulk online. Do the math and get every parent to hand over an equal share for the amount that they need, and you'll see those cute school supplies arriving at a much more satisfactory price tag. They key to make this hack work is organizing, so get in touch with teachers and schools about the exact contents of their lists and start the initiative on time, preferably at least one and half months before the first day of school to allow for organizing, collecting the money and shipping.


If you do have to buy individual items rather than going the wholesale route, don't limit yourself to just looking at one store. Shops and outlets always get competitive during the big sales times and the back-to-school season is no exception. With a little time and some savvy comparison shopping, you can find out which ones carries the cute school supplies you need at the lowest prices.

school supplies


As a parent who sent two sons to a private school, I know the sting of handing out exorbitant sums of money for bad-quality uniforms that went out of style some two hundred years ago. So why not do something about it? They may not be cute school supplies, but they're a financial drain and one any parent would do well to minimize. Get a few families from your school together (if possible, families with more than one child attending - they're the real gold mines with the most discount school supplies to offer) and start mixing and matching. See who's outgrown what and who it might fit now, and if you've nothing to offer to swap in return, it's quite likely the parent in question will be willing to part with said item for a much lower sum of cash than the school's own uniform shop would be.

Back-to-school season need not be the end of the world or your life savings. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you'll be proud of the savings you achieve.

How to Get School Supplies Within Your Budget

school supplies

Getting back to school can be hard not only for the children and the teachers who have to put up with those children, but also for their parents. You might be thinking that I’m wrong and this makes no sense. You may be saying to yourself that parents can’t wait for school to start just so they can have some more free time. It’s not hard for them, they are happy, right? Yes, you are correct. They are happy at first, but then, at one point, every parent realizes the cold truth – shopping for school supplies costs a lot of money. The time of happiness is gone and the era of bankruptcy is beginning.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to get crazy every year at the same time because you think that you will have to spend your monthly paycheck on the school supplies. If you decide to put in some extra energy and spend some additional time on applying the right strategies, you may spend even less than half of what you were expecting to spend.

The first thing that you have to do is gather all the stuff from last year. Everything that you can find: rulers, pencils, erasers, notebooks. Put everything in one place and assess the situation. Many of these things have probably never been used, so you need to check what is still usable, what’s working and what can be thrown away. This way you will finds lots of stuff that your children can use for another year, but you will also have a better picture of what else needs to be bought or borrowed from your neighbors. If you don’t get along with your neighbors, you can borrow from supplies from anyone who is willing to give them to you…if that kind of people still exists.

school supplies

The previous step implies that one rule has to be enforced – don’t be afraid to say no to your children. You shouldn’t care if they don’t like their last year’s notebook, or that the pencil box isn’t cute. Cuteness is not a criterion here. Cute school supplies don’t get supremacy over the practical, efficient and cheap school supplies. Remember, you need to save as much cash as possible.

Next step is making a list of everything that your kids truly need. Making a list will prevent you from wasting your time on checking infinite number of times if you bought something or not. Also, a list will help you buy only stuff that you, or should I say your kids, actually need. If the teacher or the school doesn’t provide you with something similar to the list, check the school’s website or ask in the store. They work there. which means they should be experienced and know exactly what you need. Maybe they can even point out the school supply on discount, you never know.

After your list is done, you should start covering all the stores that sell school supplies. Okay, I don’t expect you to visit all the stores, especially if you live in a big city, but try going to as much stores as possible. Look at the prices of the things you need and write them down. Once you have collected a bunch of different prices, for bunch of different supplies and from a bunch of different stores, you can start comparing them. Look for the lowest numbers, look for the places where you have coupons for and look for the special offers and sales. Every loophole you can find is a loophole that will save you some money. Don’t be afraid to use them all.

school supplies

Often the best way to attract customers is to promote loss leaders – retailers will practically give away the school supply. You should be on the lookout for these opportunities and cash in on every single one you get. Another way of saving money is to buy out of season. Every single item sold on this planet is cheaper when it’s not the time for the use of that item. For example, if you buy a winter jacket in the early spring, you will pay far less than if you buy the same jacket in the late fall. The same goes for the school supply. Buy it when you won’t need it, so you won’t have to spend double the amount when you actually need it. And I literally do mean double the amount, because discount school supplies can save you up to 40% of your cash.

A Guide to Staying Warm During Winter

Ah, winter. It can be a wonderful time full of snowball fights, hot cocoa and happiness, or, alternatively, a miserable, cold and depressing season rife with viruses and discomfort. How do I ensure I feel all the happiness of the former with none of the sickness and excess nose-blowing of the latter? Glad you asked! We're here to give you some tips on how to stay comfortable and toasty during those chillier months of the year besides covering yourself with a few layers of fleece blankets.

Turn on that ceiling fan

ceiling fan pushes the heat down

For those of you who, like myself, had important candies to crush during high school science, let me give you a (very) basic breakdown of one of the laws of thermodynamics: heat goes up, cold goes down. That means that no matter how much energy and money you spend heating up the air in your humble abode, it's going to do its best to go up and away from you – because science. Luckily, there's a relatively simple little gadget that provides way of pushing it back down, one that might already be installed in your home, and it's the ceiling fan. Switch that bad boy on and let the good times roll as those heat waves are forced downwards onto your personal fort of fleece blankets.

Block the gaps under your doors

The wind is a cruel and unforgiving force, always looking to sneak in and steal your precious warmth for itself. Obviously closing all your doors and windows whenever feasible is a given, but that cold air is crafty and can find cunning, stealthy ways of getting in, especially if you're using heaters or a fireplace rather than a central heating system. For an added dose of protection against winter, you can use anything from a pool noodle to a towel or the almighty fleece blanket to keep those gaps under the doors securely blocked and keep the frigid air out with the wolves and abominable snow-men where it belongs.

Tricking your thermostat

tricking your thermostat

It's a sad day when you realize technology has betrayed you, and one of the saddest betrayals is finding out that your thermostat locks out at a certain temperature and won't go any warmer. But don't despair; the machines aren't thinking for themselves yet and luckily it's still relatively easy to trick them and get around their defenses. Since the thermostat locks out by measuring the ambient temperature around, it's only natural that if it feels cold, it'll work harder to produce more warmth. A low-tech hack like putting a bowl of ice cubes near it should do the trick. Just remember to refill it regularly and be careful not to spill any of the resulting water when the cubes eventually melt.

Dress up your house

This one might sound a little strange at first, but it actually makes a lot of sense. You wouldn't go around in the middle of winter wearing nothing but a tank top, now would you? Well your house deserves the same treatment. Thick rugs on the floor (especially if you have floorboards) will keep your feet from freezing, and thicker drapes and curtains will aid your windows in keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Failing that, that brave soldier in the fight against winter, the fleece blanket, can be used to cover up problematic windows and stop any wayward droughts from making their way into your home.


baking cookies to warm yourself up

This one will, perhaps terrifyingly, require one or more trips outside at some point, but the payoff is more than worth it. Ovens do their thing by producing heat (who'd have thought?), but rather than just leaving yours on and risking a fire, you can bake something instead. For most recipes that's at least a guaranteed hour of oven heat right there or more, depending on exactly what it is you're making. The actual process of cooking will have you moving around and generating your own heat too, and it's common knowledge that eating something hot will raise your body temperature by a fair amount. So bake yourself a nice tray of muffins and enjoy the warmth they bring with just about every step of their creation. Tying nicely into this one…

Eat and Drink

Think of your body as a furnace for a moment. If you don't fill it up with fuel, it's going to have nothing to burn, and it won't generate heat either. Your body needs to burn calories in the same way to keep you warm, so making sure you're well-fed is a great way to also ensure that you're not shivering. Keep your belly full in order to keep your blood sugar up and thus make sure your warm-blooded body has the energy to keep you warm in the first place. Don't forget to drink plenty of (room temperature) water as well; dehydration messes up the way your body works in a lot of ways, so maintain a healthy balance between food and water.


doing yoga to warm up

I know, I know; even in the best of weathers, making yourself exercise isn't exactly fun. Why would you want to do it in the freezing cold? Well, technically, you don't have to. There's plenty of ways to raise your pulse and get your blood pumping, thereby generating body heat, right in your home. Do a few push-ups, pull-ups or sit-ups - heck, jog around the house for a few minutes or just do some running on the spot. The movement and action will warm you up with just a little bit of effort, and comes with the added benefit of being healthy for you in the long run. If you take this one seriously, you can even be well on your way to a nice beach body long before everyone starts hitting the gym in the spring trying to get rid of their love handles.

Drink alcohol wisely

It's common knowledge that getting a little bit tipsy makes you feel a bit warm and fuzzy - emphasis on the warm. The medical explanation for this is that alcohol makes your blood vessels dilate, bringing that warm blood out towards outermost parts of your skin and a fair amount of heat with it too. It also means that your body is radiating more of that heat outwards, which means you're effectively turning into a bit of a human heater yourself and raising the ambient temperature around you. That's all well and good if you're inside, but if you're drinking outside, it means you'll lose your body heat faster and be both colder and more susceptible to getting sick.

Be strategic with your blankets

We've all had those mornings; you wake up, the house is cold, and all you want to do is just cover yourself up with every single sheet, fleece blanket and down cover that you own. And we fully support you! But there's an even better way you could be doing that, and all it takes is some basic organization. First of all, put a nice thick cover underneath yourself - you can lose heat in that direction too. Then, cover yourself with your thinner, fluffier blankets, and pile up the thickest and densest ones you have on top of those, and voila; what you now have, my good sir or madam, is the ultimate low-tech fortress of warmth to keep you happy and warm in bed or on the couch.

Women's headware for all occasions

With skin cancer being an ever present risk in the twenty-first century, these days you'd have to be crazy to go outside in the summer weather without some kind of headgear to protect from those harmful UV rays. But the hat is more than just armor against melanoma; if you pick yours appropriately, you'll be taking care of your health and making a direct statement about how great you look. With all the options out there, the right choice can be tricky, but we're here to help you pick out the best possible hat to accessorize for whatever occasion you might happen to be planning. One important thing to remember before starting our list: ultimately, any hat is really an accessory for your hair, and should be treated as such. Think carefully about what you'll do with your tresses that day: will they be hanging loose or braided? Straightened or curled? Is your hair short or long? Do you have bangs or one or more undercuts? If so, will they be showing, or are you planning to cover them up? These are all things to take into consideration while choosing your hat for the day, as well as whether you plan to keep it on the whole time, or take it on and off. For some, like a tight-fitting baseball hat, you'll need to put a lot of thought into that last one: walking around with hat hair is tantamount to social suicide, so make sure you plan out well exactly what you'll be doing with that hat later in the day before you plaster your hair to your scalp with it.

The Sun Hat

a girl in yellow dress wearing a sun hat

This is a bit of a broad term, but then it's typically used to describe a broad-brimmed hat too, so maybe that's ok. A sun hat can be almost anything, from one of those elegant Casablanca wide-brimmed hats that go so well with sundresses and swimsuits (haven't we all imagined ourselves lounging on a beach bar somewhere wearing one of these?) to even a fedora, but generally speaking, they give off more of a formal air than some other hats. This means they go well with something equally elegant and glamorous in both the hair and clothing department, so choose carefully; mismatching is a sin, after all.

The Cowgirl Hat

The cowgirl hat (or "Stetson" as they're often called after the company most famous for making them) has its place on this list too. It's a small niche, though, so be careful - it's not for all occasions. Still, for a fun night out with some girlfriends, it's ideal, especially when paired with the right boots (why not go for the full-on modern-day cowgirl look and match those to your hat?) and belt. For the proper effect, let your hair flow out from under it - having it braided or tied will look too practical and give you a little too much of the "farm-hand" look for your own good. Once again, sunglasses are a welcome addition to this combination.

The Baseball Cap

a girl in white shirt wearing a baseball cap

Similar to the beanie, this is a casual type of hats that can contribute to a cute and fun look if accessorized right. Worn backwards or forwards, they can add nicely to an urban, hip-hop type style of dress or something more sporty, respectively. Take care though: even the best, most stylish baseball cap will look like a trucker hat when combined with the wrong hairstyle, so braids and pigtails are a big no-no if you don't want to look like you just got out from the driver's seat of an eighteen-wheeler.

The Beret

This is a hat that has long been associated with Bohemians and other artistic types. Depending on its shape and color, it can fit with a lot of different styles of dress, but matching the color of your beret to the color is paramount if you want to pull off the look; after all, they started out as part of military and school uniforms, and what uniform has colors that don't match? The beret really shines in its ability to go with almost any hairstyle, so feel free to experiment and see which combination goes best with the look you're going for. And be warned: keeping your fancy French beret on your head might require a few hat pins.

The Beanie

a girl wearing a beanie hat in red and white

The beanie is a lovely and versatile addition to any woman's casual wardrobe. It gives off a relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere, especially when combined with a nice pair of sunglasses. The humble beanie can be worn in a variety of ways, covering as large or small an area of your head as you like. Also, depending on how big it is, you can pile up your hair under it or let your lock flow freely out from underneath. The wonderful thing is that it looks great with almost any style: braids, cornrows, tails, buns and bangs can all be complimented nicely with a beanie. Just make sure yours isn't too thick and woolly if it's a hot day outside!

The Rastafarian Hat

Even ironically, this hat is a holy terror to pull off. Unless you are going for the full Rastafarian look, dreads and all, this is a piece of headwear that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Unleashing your inner child

Children seem to have it all: they eat, they sleep, they play, they study a little, and nowhere in sight is there a care or worry to disturb them. This is without even mentioning the endless potential of childhood: being raw and unformed, able to develop, grow and blossom into anything if you put your mind to it. It's a level of blissful satisfaction with life and the simplicity thereof that's impossible to achieve for any grown person... Or is it? They say that deep down there's a little kid in all of us, clamoring to be heard. Well, since kids with their fuzzy socks and their imaginary spaceships seem to have it all figured out, why not listen to that one in particular more often? Aren't fuzzy socks available for men too? Aren't there women's fuzzy socks to be found out there in? Here are a few tips on letting your inner child get out a bit more and getting back into your metaphorical fuzzy socks (or your actual fuzzy socks if you're into it - they really are the ultimate investment). Because happiness and freedom from stress are things that everyone deserves, not just the children.

Let yourself be yourself

cooking with your kid

This one sounds like a bad cliché, but it's true. Self-censorship is something that society demands of us too often, and being the exact person you are is something nobody else in the world will ever be able to do as well as you. Relax a little, give yourself the time and opportunities to enjoy who you are and the experiences you go through; make an effort to go through some new ones and dare to be optimistic about their outcome - they might just turn out to be something you didn't even know you'd like. Take that positivity and channel it. Never tried dancing before? Do it now. Always thought bowling looked fun, but never gave it a try? This is your chance. Try to approach the boring and mundane tasks and obligations in your life from a new angle - see if you can't find a way to enjoy them too and enhance them with some small dose of joy and fun, especially things like cleaning up around the house or cooking (maybe for someone you love and care about).

Get reacquainted with your inner child

Set yourself the goal of travelling back in time to your younger days - not literally of course, but by doing the things you used to love but somehow or for some reason or other gave up in the past. Make a list of these things and try them out one by one, and see if you can't rekindle some of the happiness they used to bring you. Things like sports especially, even just kicking and tossing a ball around the park and pretending you're a world-class football player in your world-class football shoes can activate both your endorphins and your imagination and have a wonderfully positive effect (for added effect, see if you can get the same kind of football socks your childhood football hero wore – those socks are rarely expensive, so they're a great low-budget way to relive those days). Or, go and climb a tree shod in nothing but your thick, fuzzy climbing socks and revel in the mixed feelings of excitement, fear and those neglected muscles pulling you up higher and higher.

Don't take no for an answer

a man climbing upa a coconut tree

Children have a hard time accepting it when someone refuses their requests or demands. Obviously throwing temper-tantrums, screaming and throwing your socks at people when you don't get your way is neither mature nor advisable, but what if you honestly feel like you're being done wrong? Or that you're being unappreciated somehow? Or that some situation is just simply unfair? Well, make that feeling known. Clothe yourself in the cloak of calmness and tell whoever it is that you disagree. Embrace the suit of maturity and explain why, and don't settle for less than you feel that you deserve. Don the jacket of realism and evaluate yourself; if somebody else is undervaluing you, don't just put up with it, fight for your right.

Speak the truth

Another seemingly obvious one, but here we must ask ourselves: how often do we keep the truth secret in order to protect someone's feelings? Or maybe the real question is: how often do we lie to keep ourselves from feeling bad or awkward? Children are born without this social filter; if they think somebody might be doing something wrong, they'll say so without hesitation. Others can easily react to this by being offended, so choose your words carefully, but make sure that they're truthful; make it known you're not trying to cause offense, but to help a person by offering your own perspective, advice and experience.

Be free to create

The majority of children are hugely creative. Think back to your own childhood: how much did you draw, paint, write? Even if it was just about what you had seen or felt that day, but described through your own senses and not what someone else told you they were like? How often did you color, in and out of the lines of the picture in the coloring book, without caring about their limitations? Find yourself an outlet, a method of creative and artistic expression. It can be up to you to share with someone close to you, or keep all to yourself; as long as it's making you and happy and not hurting anyone, there is no wrong choice.

Learn to forgive

dont take no for an answer

Grudges are a dead weight. They do nothing but drag us down deeper and deeper into negativity, and yet as we grow it becomes second nature to us to hold onto them tightly and not forget about them ever. Children don't do this; it's not uncommon for children to be friendly one moment, playing together in their fuzzy socks peacefully and then have an argument over some banal issue the next, turning their normally peaceful fuzzy socks into fluffy, deadly weapons... only to forgive each other a minute later and resume playing. Think carefully about the grudges you hold; are they really worth the stress and negativity they bring to you? Or is it time to let them go and let yourself be happy by focusing on the more positive things in your life (like fuzzy socks)? Once you do let go, you might find yourself surprised by how much you have to be happy about.

Let that kid with the toys and the fuzzy socks and the endless imagination take over once in a while. It'll do you both some good.

And fuzzy socks are just cool.

Best ways to secure your stuff combination padlocks

Travelling is one of Life's great joys; everyone from friends to relatives to the internet likes to bombard us with this fact. "Travel," they'll say, their faces shining with the honest bliss of a person who’s hiked through the Amazon armed with nothing but a phrasebook and a child-like sense of wonder, "Or you're throwing your precious years away!" They make it sound like they need nothing but their wits, when really a combination padlock would have been a better asset. While there is undoubtedly an ennoblement of the soul that can be credited to travelling the world and experiencing first-hand the wonders, nature and culture it has to offer, there are also more than a few dangers associated with it. Wise travelers will tell you it is like having a job itself, and a hard one at that: aside from being able to make and follow through with plans if you don't want to get stuck in a train station in the middle of nowhere, your journey will also have you repeatedly trusting complete strangers for advice and directions, far away from the world, friends and family members that you're used to. Your combination padlock might just be your best friend in certain situations, so here's that and a few other gadgets and pieces of advice to help you get through your spiritual and geographical journey feeling just a smidgen safer and more secure... and they can be as simple as buying a few combination padlocks.

The Money Belt

the money belt

This is a wonderful little doohickey which has personally kept me safe on many a journey. Money belts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all follow the same basic template: it's a belt (more of a girdle really; learn to live with it, men, it's worth it) that you wear around your waist underneath your clothing. There are even a few variants that go around your leg instead - I've never tried them myself, but they look like they'd do the trick since even the nimblest of thieves would have a hard time stealthily hitching up your pant leg to get at your hard-earned cash. Inside your money belt, you can feel free to pack your passport, cash, credit cards, travellers' checks... All those pesky, but vital items you need while travelling that would otherwise contribute to the growing mass of leather that is your wallet. Why take that risk when thieves and pickpockets are drawn to that obvious square in your pocket like flies to honey? For an extra layer of protection, a small, unintrusive combination padlock threaded through the zippers of your money belt will do the trick. As long as the lock isn't too bulky itself, it'll work like a charm.

Pocket Underwear

stashing money in a pocket sock

This creation blew me away when I first saw it, and for good reason: specially designed socks, briefs and brassieres for women with discreet secret zipper pockets sewn right into them (thankfully no need for a padlock here...can you imagine the kind of chafing a lock would cause rubbing against your skin all day while walking?). A close cousin to the money belt, but sneakier and definitely much harder to spot or have any unwanted, probing hands get at. The only downside is that the pockets themselves have to be quite small by necessity - not much chance of fitting a passport or checkbook in there, but they're a wonderful way of setting aside some cash for an emergency so you can breathe that much easier. Just remember: combination padlocks that close to your sensitive parts are a terrible idea.

The Combination Padlock

a secure combination padlock

Picture this: while backpacking, you're standing in line at a food kiosk in some far-away exotic place, waiting impatiently to get a taste of some local delicacy the kiosk's owner is preparing. The pleasant smell of cooking and unfamiliar spices sets off your hunger and all you can think about is biting into whatever he's making. Meanwhile, someone is taking advantage of your malnourished brain's limited attention span to nonchalantly open up the compartments of your giant backpack and leisurely take his or her pick of the valuables you keep inside. Chances are that thing's bulkier than you are, so good luck noticing what he's doing in your near-starvation state of mind. Makes you wish you'd thought to buy a combination padlock before leaving home, doesn't it? Maybe five or six of them? Your run-of-the-mill combination padlock (available in any hardware store for a very reasonable price) is an elegant, sophisticated solution to these threats of theft, and they come in a variety of sizes. Always go with a combination one rather than one with a key - the combination for your padlock (for you, anyway) should be much easier to remember than where you stashed that tiny, flimsy key. A combination will save you from having to keep that key safe, too; theoretically, you could keep your key locked in a bag pocket with a combination padlock, but that might be overdoing it.

Plastic Wrap

Some airports in Europe will offer you the option of using a special machine to wrap individual items of your luggage in plastic wrap similar to what you might use in your kitchen. While it's no lock, it's an interesting idea - you'll clearly be able to see if your luggage has been tampered with at any point during your journey, so unscrupulous members of the airport crew won't be tempted to rifle through it. In my opinion, the humble combination padlock is still king, but take a shot at combining these two for maximum protection and deterrence.

5 ways to make your kid's birthday party unforgettable on a budget

All of us with kids know exactly how huge an event a birthday party is to them, but actually organizing them has been known to cause more than a few headaches: birthday decorations, activities, games, costumes, food, not to mention the clean-up... they all add up and can be quite the drain on your wallet. But be not afraid! It is, in fact, possible to throw a party with birthday decorations your little one will look back on fondly, without pulling on a ski mask and robbing a convenience store. Here are some ideas that'll build those rosy memories of yesteryear without breaking the bank...

Number 1: A PINATA

colorful pinata

Pinatas are an under-used and under-rated birthday decoration these days, and why? They've become a staple of the Hollywood movie child's birthday party and many times I myself envied those little Americans for getting to beat the snot out of a paper animal with sticks and not get punished for it (the subsequent rain of candy made the idea of adult-approved preschool violence all the sweeter, if you'll pardon the terrible pun). They're wonderfully cheap to make too – spend a few dollars on the cheapest candy you can find and the rest is just glue and old newspapers to put together your papier-mâché mugging victim.

Number 2: BALLOONS

Truly the birthday decoration that keeps on giving. Who didn't love these as a kid? Show me the child who couldn't enjoy a good balloon and I'll show you a sad, sad man. Balloons take full advantage of kids' hyper attention spans, and the more there are, the happier they'll be. For added effect, get these bouncy bags of air in as many different colors as possible and fill the room with them; the kids will feel like they've walked into the world of a Disney cartoon. They’re available in pretty much any supermarket and usually dirt-cheap too, so don't hold back - color their world with a million squeaky orbs of joy. This one ties in nicely. Or, if you have a backyard, you can fill up the balloons with water and let the kids have at each other! It's a little bit more of a clean-up, but they'll go home babbling excitedly about the best party ever and your offspring will be the coolest kid at the school for a good, long time.


halloween party

Do they count as birthday decorations if the ones being decorated are the kids? Sure they do! The added bonus with this one is that guests are expected to provide their own costumes, saving you a pretty penny in the process, since you don't have the shell out any of that precious moolah to dress them up yourselves. Depending on what your own kid wants to wear, there's a lot of potential saving there too: papier-mâché and a little paint works wonders for making a cool costume, and water-based acrylic paints are a dime a dozen for those who didn't come with a costume, but want their cute little faces painted in all the colors of the rainbow. If you're willing to go the extra mile here when it comes to manpower, make the theme face-painting rather than costumes and do the face of every kid that comes. Just make sure you rope a spouse or family member in to help shoulder the workload if you're inviting a large number of guests, and make sure to be up to date with cartoon and pop-culture characters – nothing causes a temper-tantrum faster in a kid than asking to get their face painted as Star Lord and getting a blank stare in return.


children ready for egg and spoon race

A classic of the party world. What's that you say? They're a little old-fashioned? Perhaps. But that doesn't mean you can't spruce them up and modernize with a bit of creativity and a mercifully small amount of cash. As mentioned before, acrylic paints are cheap and easy to come by – make it a relay race and put the kids into teams and have them decorate their clothes or faces to reflect the team colors that you can delegate to them. That way, you'll have saved time and effort by effectively outsourcing the brunt of the work and getting the kids to make the birthday decorations for the party themselves. Just make sure to lay down lots of newspaper – your joints will thank you for it when there's less cleaning up to do. Throw in a few cheap dime-store toys as rewards for the winners of the race (and the losers too, so there's no crying afterwards) astyle="float:right;padding-left:20px;width:35%;" hands.


necklaces made from candy

Ah, sugar. Is there any problem you can't solve? This is another ultra-low budget activity that doubles as a sly way to have kids make their own birthday decorations. All you need is twine and a selection of different candies that have holes in them, and voila: rings, necklaces, bracelets, even crowns and belts. The kids are only limited by their imaginations, and you can always get creative and give them more ideas. Why not make a big candy wreath to hang on the door to really get their creative juices flowing? The options are just about endless, and they come with added bonus of being edible. There's a more than decent selection of appropriately-shaped candies, from lifesavers to a more than decent number of gummy items, so this might just be the ultimate option for the parent looking to throw a birthday on a budget.

5 Hats to Show People Who You Are

Whether you're looking to make a bold fashion statement or just be a bit more stylish when you're avoiding those cancer-inducing UV rays, a hat can say a lot about the kind of person you are. From the seemingly immortal fedora hat to the ever-popular baseball cap, we've spent centuries (if not millennia) covering the tops of our heads in different ways shapes and styles. But how can a modern man or lady in today's hectic world reliably pick a hat that represents their inner depth and personality without making themselves look like a tool? Have no fear, we're here to tell you which headwear will give you the flair you're looking for... and which ones to avoid so you don't embarrass yourself.


The Baseball Cap

  obama wearing a baseball hat

While absolutely not an appropriate choice for any formal occasion (the fedora still reigns supreme there, or so the hipster crowd tell me), the beauty of the baseball cap lies in its versatility. How will you wear this magnificent piece of headgear? Forward, like the ball-players who gave it its name? Backward, like the great hip-hop visionaries of the past (or the regrettable hip-hop wannabes of the more recent past... I'm looking at you, Fred Durst)? Or turned sideways, to advertise your close familial ties with the royalty of Bel Air? The choice is entirely yours. No matter which one you choose, though, you'll be in style and letting the world know that you are a chill, relaxed, and casual person... With the added benefit of hiding those unwashed locks if you were just too caught up in last night's Call of Duty match to give them a good shampooing (don't worry, we're not here to judge).

What you're telling people when you wear it:

What? Oh yeah, I am pretty cool. Wasn't even trying that time.


The Trucker Hat

  ashton kutcher wearing a trucker hat

Oft mistaken for the previous entry on our list, this is the baseball cap's cousin; more specifically, it's the cousin it avoids talking to at parties because it's always picking its nose, hawking loogies and saying embarrassing, slightly racist things in front of the other hats. Long considered to be one of the worst choices of headwear in civilized society, be careful to avoid this low-brow option; you don't need that kind of attention.

What you're telling people when you wear it:

See, the Confederacy really does get a bad rap these days, and it barely deserves it! Damn Democrats...


The Beanie

  a guy wearing a blue beanie

The best hat on our list for winter weather, not so much for the summer months though. Unless you're into being a sweat-producing machine, in which case, good luck and godspeed on your clammy path through life. In appropriate temperatures, though, a beanie pulled down low and almost covering your eyes is an excellent way to give off that air of mystique that makes people go "hmm..?" in a good way. Prefer being able to see where you're going? No problem! Pull it back and show off that tall, proud forehead; all the stars are doing it, from Russell Brand to Beyonce. Combine with a nice pair of Ray-Bans and you'll be a cool and mysterious individual, drawing intrigued glances from all over the room.

What you're telling people when you wear it:

I'm something of a mystery... care to try and solve me?


The Cowboy Hat

  a guy wearing a cowboy hat

This one hails back to the glory days of the old west, when men were men, cows were cows, and a rolling tumbleweed had mystical powers of foreshadowing. Sadly, it's reputation has been dragged through the dust a bit recently, almost irreparably by becoming associated with the likes of tasteless oil tycoons and U2, a fate they say awaits the fedora hat also in the near future... Though only time will tell on that one. These connotations have sadly resulted in this once noble hat almost being equated with the trucker hat when worn by men; its one saving grace, however, might just be the fairer sex. A woman with a cowboy hat is showing that she's a lady who likes to rock out and dominate the party scene... but don't mess with her. This is a lady who's in control of life and she knows exactly wants, and if it's not you, you're in for a hard time.

What you're telling people when you wear it:

If you're a woman: I got this.

If you're a man: I don't got this, but I can do a mean square dance and-… Wait, where are you going? I haven't told you about the difference between country music and western music yet!


The Fedora Hat

  a guy wearing a fedora hat

The last entry on our list has gone through something of a renaissance in the last decade, with both negative and positive connotations piling up. Long thought to be a relic of the twenties and thirties, the fedora came back in the twenty-first century with a vengeance, much to the chagrin of those tired of the hipster style of dressing. With enough confidence and the right attitude though, the fedora is a hat that works in any combination: casual, sporty, formal, sexy or suave, you name it, the fedora can fit it. Give it a try; you might just find it's the right style for you, and if it is, it'll open a whole world of combinations and possibilities. Remember: it wasn't the fedora hat that made Indy cool, it's Indy who did that for the hat.

What you're telling people when you wear it:

I am one-hundred-percent comfortable and stylish in any situation... wanna join me?

5 Reasons Why Fuzzy Socks Are Awesome

fuzzy socks  

Do you ever get tired of those regular, boring old socks? Wearing the same textured socks every day, with their plain colors and not-at-all-exciting texture can prove to be a little repetitive. I know I get bored, but I also have kind of a cure for this problem, and my cure is called fuzzy socks. I don’t exactly remember when and how these socks entered my life, and I don’t even remember who introduced them to me, but I know one thing: I’m forever grateful for that moment. Somehow I feel that my life was just incomplete before I learnt about these awesome socks. It’s like I started living from that point on and like my life got a whole new perspective. Okay, I might have gotten carried away a bit here. It’s not like I’m entirely a different person because of my new socks, but you get the point – they are amazing!


There are endless reasons why I love wearing fuzzy socks and I could go all day writing about it, but you know…I won’t. So here are the top 5 reasons why I love these socks:


They are fuzzy


Stating the obvious here, but it has to be said. This is the whole purpose of these socks, the whole point, the meaning of their existence. The essence of these socks lays in the fact that they are fluffy and soft. When you put them on, you just feel like you are walking on clouds. You feel like wherever you go, there is a carpet underneath your feet; a thick, cloudy, furry carpet that magically appears before your feet as you walk. But there is no carpet; it’s all in the socks. The socks do all the magic. Even when you are wearing your shoes, you will feel like they are coated with carpet, and even when your shoes aren’t really the most comfortable in the world…guess what, fuzzy socks will make them more comfortable.

fuzzy socks  

They keep your feet warm


Another, very practical, side of these socks is the warmth they provide. Because of their thickness and the material they were built from, fuzzy socks are just the perfect socks for the winter. They will keep you warm even in the coldest winter days (unless you live in Canada, then you may even need two pairs of socks). Implying that you have shoes or boots that aren’t going to flood your fluffy socks, these socks are going to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter, but you can also wear them in the fall, or even in the early spring. You will see for yourself that they are impossible to wear once the temperature gets hotter.


Kids love them


And how could they not? I mean, look at them; they are so awesome even grownups love them. But other than making you feel like a kid, these socks are perfect if you have children. They are all a child needs.


They make you feel youthful

  fuzzy socks with coffee cup  

With all the colors and all the different patterns available, these socks will make you feel like you are a kid again. They bring a new dimension into your life, striking you with their cheerfulness and making your everyday life more interesting and exciting. They will even affect the people you come in contact with. Since they are very noticeable, everyone will see them and be influenced by them, so not only will you feel better by wearing them, you will also make others feel the same as you.

Good for recycling


If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your old socks, you can always recycle them, or to be more precise, you can repurpose them. There are many ways in which an old sock can be used, from turning them into rags to making a sock animal or a bouquet, and the best socks for this are fuzzy socks. They are perfect for anything – they will collect more dust and clean better than the regular socks, and if you make an animal from them, it will be soft and cozy like a pillow made in heaven.


How Secure is a Combination Padlock?

a bike combination padlock  

A combination padlock is a great way to secure a location or an object, whether it’s for individual, personal use or for a company. It’s perfect for everyday use, and you can use it to secure your luggage, a locker at the gym, a storage unit, etc. This lock uses a sequence of numbers to lock, or unlock the device, and the sequence can range from at least three numbers to much more. Of course, the cheapest padlocks with only a three number combination are the least secure, as they can be cracked in many ways, but invest some money in it, and you can get a proper padlock for whatever you are trying to hide from thieves.


When buying a padlock, you have to know exactly what you need. The type you are going to use depends on the purpose and the location where you are going to use the padlock. It’s not the same if you use it for luggage or a storage unit, and it’s not the same if it’s exposed to the elements or if it sits in your garage. The type of the lock and its rating is very important, because it shows you what kind of security it provides. You can’t be mad if someone cracks your lock and steals the money from your safe if you were using a bike lock. That’s just irresponsible.

  combination padlock  

When it comes to types of padlocks, among the endless varieties, the most commonly used are combination padlocks and key padlocks. While combination padlocks are more practical because you don’t have to think about losing the key, the truth is that the key padlock is more secure. Plus, you have to think about not forgetting the combination. The mechanisms of these two locks just can’t be matched, although it’s better to buy a more expensive combination padlock than a cheaper key padlock. The simplest and cheapest combination padlock, with only three digits, can be cracked quite easily. There are many methods, some of which you can even find online, that will help you crack this lock in no more than half an hour, of course, without using force (and I don’t mean in Star Wars way). If it is forcefully locked, then it really doesn’t matter if it’s a combination or a key padlock; the only thing that matters in this situation is the quality. When it comes to more secure locks with combination dial, like a four digit ones, they can be cracked in 3 to 4 hours. Again, without using any type of force, whether it is real force or you are just staring at the lock and trying to open it Jedi way. This means that these locks should be used in remote locations, without a possibility of quick reaction and prevention of stealing.


When it comes to grading the security provided, there are six levels of security, one being the lowest possible, and six being the highest possible. Maximum security, or grade 6, is something that you probably only saw on TV, unless you have tons of money and valuables. For everyday purposes, this grading system is a bit redundant, because you will never need to actually know what grade does your padlock have. The best thing to do is to ask in the shop for an advice in your particular case and be ready to invest some extra cash. However, regardless of what you are told in the shop, there are two main things to be taken into consideration – the length of the shackle and the exposure of the shackle. As these two increase, the danger and probability of a lock being picked increases also. Long and exposed shackles provide space for bolt cutters and saws. The shackle is the weakest point of any lock, so when you are buying a lock try to find one with an enclosed shackle. It may not prevent your lock from being picked, but it will definitely buy you some precious time.

  secure combination padlock  

The conclusion would be that, even though they aren’t perfect, combination padlocks can always be safe if selected and used properly. If you do prefer a combination padlock, there is only one step before actually buying one – choosing between a multiple-dial or single-dial lock. Multiple-dial is the simplest, least secure padlock there is. Nevertheless, they provide enough security for your bike, briefcase (unless you are Edward Snowden), or your toolbox. On the other hand, for more protection you should definitely use a single-dial padlock. This lock can often be found on lockers or safes, and it consists of a single dial, with all the numbers located on it. The dials are first turned clockwise, then counterclockwise, and then clockwise again, which gives a three number combination. Even though these locks are more secure, the cheaper ones are still quite easy to pick. Again, put some time, thought and research in buying one, and a proper combination lock might just be what you are looking for.

A Woman's Guide to Staying Cute in the Winter

a cute girl in winter  

Winter is one of the toughest seasons when it comes to staying fashionable and trendy. At the same time, you have to pay attention to your style and you have to make sure not to freeze to death. There are boundaries when it comes to sacrificing the comfort and warmth for fashion and everybody has to know them. On the other hand, you can’t just put on every piece of clothes you own, regardless of the way it looks, just so you can be warm. It sounds a bit weird saying “just so you can be warm”, but it’s the truth. There is nothing cute about a bundle of cotton walking around with only its eyes popping out, unless it’s a really small child. In that case, nobody cares about the style, because babies are cute just by being born.


Since you are no longer a baby, you have to put in some effort in looking cute. Choosing the right clothes is essential, and you might want to start with a proper winter cap. Trapper hats are very cool, but they are also very practical – they are padded which means they are warm, and they cover your ears, which is definitely a big plus when it comes to winter hats. While the trapper hat provides more warmth and a bit less style, a wool baseball hat is completely the opposite. A wool baseball hat will give you less protection against the winter, but it can be very stylish. You can pick one with a pom-pom, in strange colors or in interesting pattern. Just avoid those tacky ones with prints of Santa Claus and reindeers that your grandma knitted for you. It’s a nice gesture, but they aren’t too trendy. Somewhere in between a trapper hat and a cap is a beanie. A beanie provides both style and warmth and it’s a timeless cap that can never be outdated. There’s a bunch of different beanie hats for women to choose from, but whichever style you pick, make sure it matches some part of your clothes, like your gloves. You score extra style points if you pay attention to details like this.

  warming up in winter  

Right below the beanie comes a very important part that many tend to forget about – the scarf. Other than having huge potential to upgrade your style, scarf is a very powerful tool in a fight against the cold weather. Unlike the beanie situation, a scarf knitted by your grandma is a welcome piece. This is cute, but it also provides tremendous amount of heat, because who knows how to make a proper scarf other than your grandma? The same goes for the gloves. If you can, make your grandma knit you both scarf and gloves in the same fashion. They will be matched, they will be cute and everyone will be envious of you and your grandma’s knitting skills.


When it comes to shirts, sweaters, jackets and winter coats, the main thing is to dress in layers. It’s better to put on more layers of thinner clothes, than to put on fewer layers of thicker clothes. First of all, layers provide more heat by heating up all the air between each and every layer. With more layers you get more air, and with more air you get warmer. Furthermore, by dressing in many layers you can take off a piece if you go somewhere or you just get a bit too warm. You can’t do this if you only wear a sweater and a huge, warm, winter jacket. The worst feeling is when you enter a warm room after spending some time on the outside where it’s freezing. You start sweating, but there is nothing you can do about it if you are only wearing one sweater. Trust me, there is a life lesson to be learned here. Also, instead of buying a plain black or grey coat like everyone else, buy a coat in some crazy color, like bright orange, or in some crazy pattern, like checkered. Bring some color into those cloudy, somber winter days.

  a cute girl sitting in the snow  

Unlike everything else, there is absolutely no place for compromise when it comes to boots. You can sacrifice a bit of warmth when it comes to your hat, gloves, or even sweater, but feet are not something to be played with (at least not out of bed). Buy some proper boots that will keep you warm and dry throughout the whole winter. In the warmer winter days, you can combine a really short skirt with a pair of over-the-knees boots. Not only is it appropriate for when it’s not that cold, it’s also sexy as hell. To top everything of, put on some thick, colorful, fuzzy socks. They are not only great for bringing some color into the winter, but they are also insanely warm.

Birthday Decorations That Will Wow Your Guests

birthday decoration cupcake  

For many, birthday is the favorite day of the year. For some it’s their own birthday; they enjoy getting all the attention, getting presents and all the stuff that comes from celebrating a birthday. On the other hand, there seems to be a group of people that finds more pleasure in other people’s birthdays than their own. There are people who love and enjoy giving all the attention and affection to someone else. They love giving surprise parties, they put much thought in every present they buy, and the feeling they get from seeing somebody else happy is often more fulfilling than actually celebrating their own birthday.


It doesn’t matter which one of these two you are, as long as you like decorating for birthday. Whether it’s for yourself or you are planning a surprise party, it’s not truly a birthday unless it’s properly decorated. There are some essentials for every birthday party, like balloons, but if you want your party to really stand out and be memorable, you can’t just blow up a few balloons, throw them around the room and be done with the decoration. You have to be creative, you have to be innovative and you have to be unique. If you can’t be bothered or simply don’t have enough time for all this, don’t worry, we are here to help.


From the first second that people enter your home they have to be wowed. The first thing they see has to make a great impact so they will instantly prepare for a crazy night full of fun and entertainment. You can even amaze them before they enter, so just put a witty homemade sign on the front door. It can say anything, but it has to be funny and colorful. For example, you can write “welcome, put your clothes in the washer and your bottles in the dryer…the fridge is good too”. Whatever you and your friends find funny, but remember to make it as colorful and as crazy as possible.

happy birthday banner  

The birthday decorations have to be evenly distributed. That way the party will have the same intensity and it will be equally exciting in every part of the house. This means that every recurring part has to be similarly decorated. For instance, every doorway has to be similar, or at least decorated with the same amount of decorations. Put on some vibrant streamers and tie a balloon at the end of each streamer. You can spice things up by mixing the streamers with balloons and the ones without them; put them alternately, so that after every two plain streamers comes one with a balloon on the end. It will add on dynamics and it will look crazy.


As I’ve already mentioned, balloons are a must for every birthday party, but your balloons have to be exceptional. In order to stand out, you won’t just throw them around the room, but try putting them on the walls, or even on the ceiling. Put a ribbon on the wall (or ceiling) and just attach a balloon to it. It looks creative and festive and your friends won’t be able to play with the balloons. I know many people are annoyed by that because it’s distracting and many balloons are popped this way, so this is a perfect way to prevent this from happening, unless your friends don’t get the hint and take the balloons of the wall anyway, without your permission. But, what kind of friend does this?

  bunch of floating balloons  

Other than hanging your balloons in weird places, you should try and give them a little more personality. For example, you can put a smaller balloon into a bigger balloon and blow them up together, or you can put some confetti in them and wrap them in colored foils. This way, if someone pops a balloon, at least you will have confetti falling all over the place…I just wouldn’t want to be you when the cleaning time comes.


It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown up, a party hat always brightens up the atmosphere. Again, you can make some yourself, or you can just buy some at the store. However, most of those are kind of boring, so decorate them as well. Glue on them some confetti, ribbons, foils, anything. Draw or write on them, let your imagination run wild. Nothing is left plane, even your napkins and forks. Fold napkins in some weird and cool shapes, and use your forks as placeholders. Take a piece of paper, cut it in any shape you want, write a name on it and stick it in the fork. If you are imaginative and creative enough, everything can be a birthday decoration and everything can make your birthday party unforgettable.

How to Get Your Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

children outdoors  

Living in modern age has its positives and negatives. While many tend to focus on the positives, such as prolonged lifespan or technological breakthroughs, others wish they were born in another time. Many wish to have lived in a simpler era, where everyday life was much slower, technology didn’t exist, and people woke up with the rising sun while the rooster was singing its morning song. Sounds quite idyllically, even though many tend to forget that this was a time where everything had to be done manually, and the biggest “technological” help was a wooden plow.

  children playing outside  

It is definitely hard to decide whether life is better and easier now or then, but we must admit one thing – our children are raised much worse than in the old days. I’m not even talking about a century or two ago, I’m talking about 20-30 years ago. Even that close in the past, raising children was much different and much more difficult than today. Nowadays, you just turn on the TV or computer, place your child in front of it and your work is done. Kids never learn how to run properly, how to kick a ball, ride a bike or fall on their faces. Falling on the face is an important life lesson, because you can’t learn how to pick yourself up and move on, if you’ve never fallen before. There are ways to make your child fall on its face…or at least go out and play, that’s fine too.


In order to help your children to love the outdoors, you have to encourage them to spend as much time as possible outside, since the very moment they can walk. That’s why it’s very important to spend as much time as possible outdoors, as a family. Take your kids to a park or elsewhere in the nature and have a picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – just a few sandwiches, some beverages and maybe some snacks. It doesn’t even have to be nature or a park; if you have a backyard and not enough time, just have a picnic-like lunch in the backyard. If your backyard is big enough you can even set up a tent and your kid’s friends can have a sleep-over.

  children playing pull the rope  

Having a backyard is like having a piece of heaven behind your house. In order to make your children feel this way about your backyard, you should make it child friendly. Start by adding some birdfeeders so your kids can see all kinds of birds from close-up. Have a bunch of children outdoor toys lying around, and plant different kinds of flowers, grass and trees all over the yard, because it gives many interesting places to play hide-and-seek or just to sit near and relax. On top of everything, if you have a big, stable tree in the yard, build an awesome tree house. There is nothing better than a tree house and it will play a huge roll in your kids’ childhood. With a tree house you’re not giving them just another place to play in; you are giving them a memory that will last their entire life.


Even though sports aren’t the most important thing in life, you should encourage your children to do sports. Any sport is fine, from football, basketball or baseball, to running, biking or swimming. Doing sports will make your children healthier, their muscles and bones will form properly, their immune system will be more resilient, and the list of benefits of doing sports is endless. If your kid likes biking or running, try making them use the trails. Nature provides fresh air and there is always a possibility of spotting an interesting plant or an animal. For even better results, if there is a river nearby, walk, run or ride a bike alongside the river. The pure sound of water storming past you relaxes you and makes the nature adventure even more enjoyable. Additionally, if there is a river, you can always go fishing. Even if you know nothing about it, you can learn how to do it in no time thanks to internet. Go through a few tutorials and you will be good to go. Transfer all of the knowledge you’ve collected online to your children like it was something you’ve known for your whole life, and you will be their hero…that is, until they discover the magic of internet themselves.


Turning off the TV and the computer will have many positive effects on your children. The ways in which you can interest them in the nature and in the outdoors in general, are endless. You just need to be creative. Whichever way you choose, make sure to emphasize the importance of the outdoors and of active life.

What your Flip Flops Say about You

flip flops on the beach

Goodbye winter, goodbye snow, goodbye that water that is constantly dripping from your nose when it’s cold and it’s not bugger. Hello and welcome sun, sunburns, short shorts and flip-flops. The best part of summer is the fact that you can finally take of all the ten layers that kept you warm throughout the winter and show some skin, even though that skin is white and soon it’s only going to get red. But it doesn’t matter; you can finally feel the sun on your skin. With lighter clothes come lighter responsibilities, and with warmer days, flip-flops begin to appear everywhere you look. And they should appear, because now is the perfect time to brush the dust off of them, and let your little piggies run wild.


There is nothing wrong about wearing flip-flops and almost everyone has at least one pair in their shoe cabinet. While there are some stylish and cool sandals and flip-flops out there, many are not as nice as they should be, and others are just something that should never have even been made. Also, even though it’s very hot and your feet will die if you put anything heavier than a feather on them, there are some occasions where it’s simply not tasteful to wear flip-flops. Observing the style of your slippers, the condition of your feet and the occasions you wear them to, people can actually say a lot about you.

flip-flops in the sand

Flip-flops are practical because they are easy to get in and out from. They are not practical for jogging, but for everyday life they are perfect. You can just jump in them and quickly go to the store. On the other hand, you can wear them to the beach, if you go for a walk and so on. This means that if you are wearing flip-flops, you are one very pragmatic. You deal with problems in a reasonable, sensible and logical way. If it’s too hot, wear less clothes – it’s easy as that. You take the easier road, which can be both good and bad. In some situations, it will be better to take the easy road and, in others, it can prove to be the wrong choice. If we take flip-flops for example, you can take the easy road and wear them on a walk through nature. It’s not common, but it makes you feel good. However, if you take the easy road and wear flip-flops on a fancy banquet the situation is a bit different. Wearing flip-flops in formal occasion says a lot about you, but none of it is positive. This means you lack in style, you are sloppy, and you can’t dress properly. Ultimately, this means that you are irresponsible and that you just don’t care about the way you look. If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will.


The most practical woman I’ve ever heard of has even had a pair of flip-flops in her oversized bag. No matter what she wore (except flip-flops, because you never need two pairs at the same time) she had an additional pair of flip-flops in her bag. They were nicely wrapped in a plastic bag so as to not make anything dirty, and they were always at her disposal. If she ever got too hot, or if there was any other situation that demanded a change of footwear, she could just put her hands in the bag, take out the flip-flops, put them on, and put the shoes she was wearing back in the bag. This is probably the most pragmatic woman I’ve ever met, and probably the only woman ever to have used a woman’s bag to its full potential.

woman in pink flip flops

I don’t know about you, but my first impression when you say flip-flops is relaxation, absence of stress, sitting in a shade overlooking the ocean. Many people actually connect these things to slippers, which means that they also connect them to you when you wear them. They will see you as carefree, easygoing person who likes to chill out from time to time. You will be perceived as someone who puts pleasure before work here and there. Some would even say that women who wear flip-flops are more liberal, and even more agreeable and more pleasant to have around.


The most important thing to do when you plan to wear flip-flops is to wash your feet. You should also have an overall bath from time to time, but in this case, feet are the most important part. Clip your nails and polish them so you don’t look like a fraternity guy, who has just awakened from his hibernation. You don’t want your feet to be telling people that you are dirty and that you just don’t care. Put fancy flip-flops on your fancy feet and the only thing they’ll be telling about you is how stylish you are.

How to Wear a Fedora: Dos and Donts

gangster with a fedora hat

Wearing a hat properly is like putting a cherry on top of a cake – it makes a bad situation bearable and a good situation even better. If the cake is awful, at least what you are left with at the end is that awesome sweet-sour cherry and if the cake is great, well…the cherry just enhances the experience. The same is with a hat; if your outfit isn’t that good, you can just put on a cool fedora and take the focus of the train wrack that’s happening bellow the neck. On the other hand, if you are stylish and well-dressed even from the neck down, this hat will only emphasize your overall good looks and style…but only if worn correctly.

First thing you have to know is that not everyone can wear a fedora hat. This has nothing to do with the hairstyle, financial status or even the way you dress. What separates someone who can wear a fedora from someone who can’t is the attitude. You might even say it’s all about the hattitude. The point is that you can’t let your hat wear you. People have to know who the boss is in this relationship between you and your hat. If you are having second thoughts about wearing the hat, if you are insecure and uncertain, don’t even put it on. To be able to pull off a fedora you have to be confident. You have to be sure that you are the boss; you have to show everybody that you own the hat and not the other way around, even though it might feel a bit weird at first. In order to overcome this stage, wear a fedora frequently regardless of what others say, and, in no time, the hat will become your signature and you will be comfortable with wearing it on a daily basis.

man wearing a fedora with pattern

In order to have the right attitude, you need to have the proper hat to support it. This means that not any old fedora will cut it. Actually, an old fedora left over from your father or even grandfather would be perfect because these hats tend to age well, just like Sean Connery, but only if the hat is well preserved. The problem occurs with brand new hats. Most of them lack in style and authenticity because, thanks to the 90's and a few boy bands, they’ve become pretty mainstream. With this came the mass production of the hat and everything that is mass produced lacks in flair and uniqueness. You can now buy a fedora in Hot Topic, walk out the store thinking that you’re cool and fashionable, and see ten people in that very mall wearing the identical hat. The best thing to do is to buy a real, 100% original, fur fedora. However, this may cost you a lot, so if you don’t have this kind of money, buy in bulks. Buy as many as you can for as low as you can, still minding the style and quality, so you can at least choose which one to wear every day.

To bring the best out of your new fedora you will have to know how to combine it with the rest of your attire. You can never go wrong if you combine it with formal clothes, i.e. suits. The most important thing here is to match the colors. You can either go for a perfect, almost identical, match (for example a navy blue suit with a midnight blue fedora), or you can choose to contrast these two (for instance a charcoal grey suit and a black fedora). You can even leave out the suit jacket, and put on a cool vest. For a more casual look, roll up the sleeves of your shirt. Combined with a hat, it will give you a manlier, working type, ragged look, whilst maintaining the fashionable appearance.

man wearing a suit and fedora combination

I’ve already mentioned that the boy-band era, (that is to say – the 90s), in a way ruined the fedora hat. The main reason is that they’ve started wearing it with almost anything: t-shirts with childish prints, shorts, sneakers, it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, you should definitely avoid this. The biggest don’t of wearing a fedora is to wear it with casual clothes. Let me rephrase this: the biggest don’t of wearing a fedora is to wear it with distasteful clothes. You can wear one with a plain button-up shirt, casual long pants and casual, yet tasteful shoes, but the main rule is that you have to have a collar and your shirt has to be tucked in your pants.

Another thing that you have to look out for is not to buy a hat that looks good on the stand, but a fedora that looks good on you. The hat must fit the size and shape of your head. If it covers more than one third of your forehead you know that it’s too big (not to mention that it shouldn’t cover your eyes), and if the smallest breeze knocks it off your head you know it’s too small. If your head is long and thin, never buy a hat with a tall crown. Tall-crown hats elongate your head, so only people with short heads should buy them. Otherwise, you’ll just look like an alien trying to infiltrate our society.

Summer Essentials: Sundresses and What to Wear Them With

girl in a blue sundress

Sundresses are just the perfect summer clothing – they are light, very comfortable, sexy and even cute. There is not a girl in this world that doesn’t like wearing sundresses and, let’s admit it, the boys don’t mind it either. There is just something special about them and they are just perfect for almost any occasion – you can wear it to the beach, you can wear it on a date, and you can even wear it if you are just going out for a walk. However, you can’t just put on a dress and be charming and pretty. There are some rules to be followed and some accessories to be added, which will boost your overall looks and style, and increase your confidence.

The first, and the most important, part is to choose the correct sundress. You can’t pick the one that looks good on the rack; you have to choose the one that looks good on you. This will lead too many disappointments, because many dresses are just so damn cute…but unfortunately they aren’t all made for you. In this process you have to pay attention to a few factors: your disposition, the occasion where you will wear the dress, the wardrobe you will be combining the dress with, etc. Again, this all means that you can’t just pick up any dress you like, but you have to take all of this into account and carefully choose the right one. Based on these factors, you will choose if you buy the midi or maxi type, the more or less formal one, in one color or with some crazy print.

girl in a white sundresswith flower prints

If you are confident enough and satisfied with your body, especially with your legs, there is virtually no reason why you shouldn’t buy a medium length dress (midi). They come in different lengths, but they are all above the knees. They are better for those really hot summer days, but you do have to have a figure for them. Or maybe you don’t, you just need some confidence. If you lack in confidence, there is always a maxi dress. They are longer, sometimes even touching the ground, and they are in a way more formal. They are great for evening walks or garden parties. For a more formal look choose a dress in a single, calm color, preferably not too short. Also, prints are generally reserved for less formal dresses.

Once you have chosen the right dress, it’s time to spice things up with some accessories. Since even in the summer the temperature drops in the night, you might want to have something to put over the dress if it gets a bit chilly. There are several options for this situation. The lightest version is a scarf. This is more like a style booster than an actual accessory to get you warm, especially because I don’t think of thick winter scarves; I refer to a light, silky scarf. You just don’t combine winter scarf with sundress because it looks ridiculous.

For a more practical use, try something like a slouchy sweater, blazer, cardigan, or even a jacket. All of these can be perfectly combined with a summer dress, but you have to be careful to match the color, print and every other aspect of the outfit. Again, you can’t wear a winter jacket with a sundress, but you can wear a jacket that is thinner and more appropriate for a cooler summer day, such as leather or denim jacket.

girl in a blue sundress on a beach

The summer equals hot sunny days, which means you need some protection for your head and eyes. This is perfect, because it opens up much more space for you to express your style. The best summer option has been, and always will be, a lightweight straw hat with wide brims. It gives most protection and it keeps your head cool. It also fits perfectly with a summer dress, making you even cuter and more beautiful. As for the sunglasses, big glasses are in this year, so choose something with big and oddly shaped frame. You can even wear glasses with sexy patterns, like animal prints and such.

Usually, girls combine sundresses with formal or semi-formal shoes. For a less formal look try combining your dress with some sneakers. You have to be careful here, because not all sneakers can be combined with summer dresses. The best solution is classic vans or all-star sneakers, because they are less noticeable and come in almost every color, which means that it’s easier to match them with the dress. For the best effect, choose a monochrome dress and combine it with floral-patterned vans sneakers.

The key in every outfit is in the details. To leave the best impression, take care of the details as much as possible. Put on a necklace that will bring focus to your neck or do something noticeable with your lipstick or your fingernails. For example, match the lipstick shade or the color of your nail polish to the shade of the dress or the color of the shoes. If your dress is multicolored, choose one color and have both your nails and shoes in that color. Trust me, it’s all about the details.

Fashionable Beach Essentials for 2016

beach activity

Spring is finally here (unless you live in Siberia, but then you wouldn’t Google what to wear on the beach, you would probably Google how to survive a bear attack) and after spring comes the favorite season of most people – you guessed it, winter. Just kidding, it’s summer. I don’t trust people who like winter more than summer, there’s just something unnatural about it. Summer is the best season of the year and one of the many reasons is the fact that you can go to the beach. Whether you want to swim in the sea, play beach volley, or just spend endless time sunbathing and drinking cocktails, a beach is the perfect place for almost every activity.

A secluded beach, especially at night, is perfect for absolutely every activity (if you know what I mean), but if you go to a more popular and crowded beach, you are going to be seen. This means that you have to take care of the way you look, the way you dress and the kind of accessory you have on you. It’s easy for men – they just put on some flip-flops and cool shorts and they are ready to go. Shirts are optional. However, women have it a bit more difficult, but the trick is to look cool and fashionable while still looking like you haven’t put much work into it. I mean, come on, who spends an hour just preparing for the beach? Just between you and me, I do. But that’s the price you have to pay in order to look stylish even while you’re just lying on a towel and staring at the clouds.

beach essentials

Let’s start from the top. To be able to survive this adventure, you have to be prepared to fight the sun in every way possible. The most important thing is to put on a hat. Wide-brimmed, straw hats are most effective against sunstroke; they are light and will keep your head cool, protect your eyes and prevent your head from direct sun exposure. Also, you can just put on a stylish baseball cap, and make it even more stylish by attaching or tying a piece of cloth or a light scarf in the back. Another must-have on the beach is, of course, sun cream with high SPF. It can’t add on to your style, at least not in short-term. In long-term, you prevent wrinkles, sun freckles, or even worse. Lip protector with high SPF is also advisable. You don’t want your lips looking like dunes of Sahara.

Other than protecting your eyes, sun glasses are possibly a piece that can make or break your whole outfit. Choose the wrong ones, and the focus may be deflected from your new bathing suit to your disastrous glasses. This year it looks like the trend is the more striking the better. Big, colorful, weird shaped sun glasses are in, but I must say I’m not really a fan of these. I’m more of a timeless style kind of type, so I would recommend a classic Rey Ban Wayfarer or Aviators, or even a round John Lennon type. You can never be wrong with these, because even if they aren’t particularly in, they will always be classics.

The most important thing for every woman, when going to the beach, is the swimsuit. You can always go for the classic, two-piece swimsuit in one color. There is only a slim chance to get this wrong, but instead of this, why don’t you try something new? For example, you can try a high-neck crop top. Not only does it look sexy and cute at the same time, but it’s also bound to get its trend peak this year. Also, a highly fashionable piece is almost anything with a geometrically designed print, crochet design, or with lots of straps. To top it off, put on some lightweight, fancy cover-up. You’ll take it of once you arrive to the beach, but it will make you look great even when your attributes are yet to be shown.

going to the beach

Going to the beach requires a lot of stuff, such as sun lotion, towel, dry clothes and much more. To be able to take it all with you, you will have to bring a nice beach bag. Make sure that it serves its purpose, i.e. make sure it’s a damn big bag. Other than being practical, oversized bags are hip and the pure size of the bag leaves enough space for you to express your fashion sense. Whether it’s just a plain two colored bag, or a bag with elaborate design and pattern, it says a lot about you and your style. Try matching it with your swimsuit or with your sandals. As far as the sandals go, I’m all for comfort on this one. Comfortable jelly sandals, lace-ups or even flip-flops are the best option for the beach, no matter the style. Although you should try your best and be stylish about it too, don’t sacrifice too much comfort for it. I mean, no one should wear high heels to the beach.

Go Trendy This Summer with Wholesale Summer Dresses

asd If you want to experiment with new style or wish to revamp your wardrobe, nothing is better than summer. Buying wholesale summer dresses is the best idea to rearrange your wardrobe. Browsing internet, you can easily find an array of websites that sell wholesale sundresses.

Whether you are going at seashore with your friends or just going out for buying some foodstuff, this ultimate summer-wear can offer you stylish look. By buying wholesale summer dresses, you can save a great amount of money rather than buying them separately.

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Online collection comprising of different creative craft magnets

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Wide variety of wholesale craft supplies

Arts and Crafts containers keep you busy and offer a great way to relax yourself and bring out your creative side. If you are thinking to purchase some wholesale craft containers, then you can take a trip to wholesale market to check out wide variety of wholesale craft supplies. Choose containers of the best quality and one that satiates your choice and demand. Thus, ensure that you buy the best craft containers that are worthy of investment.

Bulk Summer Dresses Offered at Affordable Rates

Fashionable tops and women’s leggings are one of the widest, simplest and most versatile forms of dresses. These are so lightweight, very affordable and come in all sizes, colors and varieties. As summer has started, people have already begun shopping for specific summer dresses as per their own requirements and budget. They look for comfortable and fashionable ones but priced at less cost. So many people look for buying them in wholesale or bulk.

There are lots of varieties with good quality available when you purchase for wholesale fashion tops or bulk summer dresses.

Buy Bulk Wholesale Kids Baseball Caps at Less Price

The summer season has come, exams are over and the children have started enjoying their vacations. Many kids are enthusiastic about joining sports camps or just play out in the hot weather. So it becomes very important to protect them because children can’t sustain the strong heat waves or sun rays. There are many varieties available in caps and they are specifically designed keeping kids in mind. Choose from wholesale kids baseball caps if you are buying caps for two or more kids. Ladies can choose from varieties of wholesale ladies fashion hats and caps available especially in summers. Buying in wholesale gets you more choices with less costs involved.

Buy in Bulk Wholesale Sun Hats

Come summer and you need to ensure that your skin should not come in direct contact with the sun so as to avoid getting tanned and escape the burning heat. Not only dresses, you need right hats or caps when you walk under the sun. They not only protect you from the harsh sun rays, but also add their own charm and fashion statement to your dress. Choose one which fits your head well and offers utmost comfort to.

Ensure that it is not too loose as it may come out or too fit to start aching. If you don’t want to spend more but want more, then you can buy wholesale sun hats or wholesale caps.

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