E-A-R Express Pod Plugs Corded Earplugs - Earplugs

E-A-R Express Pod Plugs Corded Earplugs - Earplugs

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E-A-R Express Pod Plugs Corded Earplugs - Earplugs at low wholesale prices. alltimetrading.com offers Earplugs at bulk discounted prices.

Noise Protection - Vinyl Cord - 100 / Box - Yellow

E-A-R Express Pod Plugs corded earplugs make getting a good fit easier than ever with its innovative design. Advanced "no-roll," slow-recovery foam formula allows earplug insertion without rolling to keep fingers, plugs and ears clean. Slow recovery foam inserts easily, then seats and stays in place for comfortable hearing protection. Paddle-style grips allow easy fitting and help keep earplug tips clean even when your hands are dirty. Grips come in assorted colors. Reusable Pillow Pack helps keep earplugs clean when they are not being worn. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 25 decibels. They are CSA Class AL and test compatible with 3M E-A-Rfit Validation System. Cords are made of vinyl. Earplugs are recommended for assembly, cleaning, electrical, facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, painting and sanding.

Brand: E-A-R