Verbatim Blu-ray Dual Layer BD-R DL 6x Disc - Flash Drives

SKU#: 1478422

Verbatim Blu-ray Dual Layer BD-R DL 6x Disc - Flash Drives at low wholesale prices. offers Flash Drives at bulk discounted prices.

50GB - 120mm Standard - 3 Pack Jewel Case

Providing double the storage capacity of a standard Blu-Ray Recordable disc, BD-R Double Layer discs provide up to 50GB of data, audio or video storage with a write speed up to 6X. Compatible with standard BD-R hardware and recorders from leading manufacturers, these discs are ideal for storing large, 1080p high-definition video and audio files. Blu-ray discs use blue-violet laser technology to read and write data. That means superb resolution, SOCKSNBULKent contrast, vivid colors and amazing sound. Super HardCoat protects against scratches, fingerprints and dust buildup, reducing playback and recording errors. One-time record discs ensure your video, music or other information will not be erased. Double-layer Blu-ray disc includes a jewel case for each disc and should be used with BD-R hardware.

Brand: Verbatim

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