Personal Fundraising Websites

It's Bobby here, Marketing Manager at All Time Trading. This article's purpose is to introduce you to some of the very best fundraising websites. The list I put together works for any fundraising needs. I made sure to include a variety of personal fundraising websites, free fundraising websites, even sites that let you sell custom designed t-shirts and collect funds for a charitable cause. 

The point is there are so many fundraising websites out there that it could get challenging to choose the best site for you and your potential investors and supporters. Worry not, because I curated this list to make sure you get the most crucial information on the BEST fundraising websites!

1. GoFundMe


GoFundMe is a tremendous personal fundraising website, which is also suitable for an established or starting non-profit organization, or even for groups of people looking to do 'good' in their local communities. 

GoFundMe is the leading FREE fundraising website available online. They don't charge you for any of your donations, while other sites have a (subscription) fee for using their platform. Instead, GoFundMe uses a voluntary tip system where donors can choose to opt-in or not. This optional tip system allows GoFundMe to maintain a completely free platform system. Like all fundraising sites, however, there is a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, the fees are collected by the credit card companies or payment methods like PayPal. This fee is the standard processing fee the fundraisers have for running transactions or, in this case, collecting donations. 


With those details covered up-front, I want to tell you why GoFundMe is at the top of my list. As we know, they're one of the largest personal fundraising sites available to the public FOR FREE, but that's not the only reason! The second reason for them being on this list is that they have a network of over a million donors and success stories of individuals raising over $10,000 in under 48 hours. To quote Manny, "How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think!" 


You can check out their fundraising site for individuals here:

Or see their sites specified for starting and established Non-Profit organizations here:


Both platforms are free with a standard processing fee (although for charities with a TAX ID # processing fees are 2.2% + $0.30) and the charity version allows you to see all the (what I believe is sexy) data insights and a donation button for your website!


2. Mighty Cause


For over 12 years, Might Cause (great name) has served as a platform for people in need and Non-Profit organizations to promote their causes, collect donations, and receive support from real donors across the globe. The Mighty Cause platform has helped raise over $600 million in support of global campaigns.


You can set up a personal or non-profit campaign on Might Cause. On your personal campaign page, you can include a video, images, and a written piece with more information to share with potential donors. So, if you're searching to raise money for things like wishes, memorials, emergencies, children & family, or even pet fundraising, you could try Might Cause as the platform for your campaign. 


Like GoFundMe, there are no platform fees for personal campaigns, and the max processing fee you are charged is 2.2% + $0.30. You'll also have the option to set up a Non-Profit campaign, which is also free with access to buttons and analytics. However, Might Cause offers a paid plan for $99 a month where you can get additional features like branding, donor management, a donation page, Analytics, and Data Integration.


3. Facebook Fundraising


Then there was Facebook! The Blue website that took over Myspace. And now, the internet would just be weird without it. With all of that, they even have a Fundraising "platform." Facebook fundraising platform is almost entirely free. One of the main differences between a fundraising campaign on Facebook and a campaign on one of the other sites is that you don't get a fully-fledged page dedicated to sharing your story(but you could create one for free). Instead, you have a donate button that lives on Facebook. You can share it, and ask your friends to share it as well. 


Something that makes Facebook's fundraising somewhat unique, though, is that not only is it free (like Facebook), but for Non-Profit's with a 501(c), there are zero fees. No platform fees and no processing fees. That's pretty amazing! With $0.00 and 0% in processing fees for non-profits that could make a massive difference for some non-profit organizations. For example, at the time I'm writing this the WWF - Australia - Wildlife Emergency Appeal has raised $466,967 (I donated of course) they would have paid around $20,000 for processing. That money does a lot more good aiding the cause than being taken as a processing fee. 


As for personal fundraising campaigns through Facebook, which is free to have, and you will get a button to post and pin on your Facebook profile, there are processing fees. The processing fees differ for every country. Here is a list I found from Facebook that showcases the fees on a personal fundraising campaign through Facebook


Lastly, non-profit organizations receive their donations directly through Facebook, Paypal Giving Fund, or Network for Good. As for personal campaigns, they will receive payment through Stripe. 


4. Fundly


We're moving into Fundly, our first platform with a platform fee(The fees are 4.9% + processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)! Don't get scared just yet, though. In some cases, a platform fee isn't so bad, especially when you don't necessarily have an audience for your Charity or cause. 


You can see your photos and videos front and center on your Fundly page, and you're able to post blog-like updates. So, if you have an update, whether small or big, you're ready to inform your donors quickly. You should note, Fundly, like GoFundMe and Mighty Cause, prompt you to choose a goal; however, you can still claim your donations even if you didn't reach your goal.


5. Crowdrise - Now Charity - Go Fund Me


Crowdrise was once a free stand-alone platform for individuals and non-profits. However, at the time of writing this article Go Fund Me has already acquired Crowdrise and turned it into There are no subscriptions for this site. 


This Charity focused channel of Go Fund Me, previously Crowdrise, allows you to customize your visitors' experience and control your brand. They have a wide variety of powerful tools to help you reach and engage with over 100 million donors more efficiently. Most importantly, you'll gain access to all of your data! This way, you can analyze and make data-driven decisions to take your organization to the next level.


Get access to easy registrations, ticketing systems, data, and reporting, all while having the ability to run fundraising campaigns and collect generous donations seamlessly. The best part is that it's almost entirely free, aside from the standard processing fees.


6. Bonfire


We're getting halfway through our list of 10 Non-profit and personal fundraising websites. If you haven't settled on any of the previous sites, maybe this one will catch your interest. Bonfire is a fundraising platform for both individuals and non-profits. This platform will give you the ability to create your very own online store and sell t-shirts from it for your cause. 


So, as an example, if you're selling t-shirts promoting healthy habits like washing your hands for a non-profit purpose, you could upload your artwork on to a shirt and sell it through 

Bonfire. On Bonfire, you get to keep 100%, helping you move faster and further in reaching your goals to support your cause. 


7. Edco -


With a focus on Schools, students, teams, and groups, Edco is a seamless way to run an online fundraiser. You'll build your page and select your state. Next, you would need to choose the school your fundraiser is associated with or the organization. Can't find what you're school or organization someone will be ready to assist you and possibly add it for you! 

Once you've designed your page, you'll be able to collect Tax-deductible donations via debit or credit card. It'll also showcase your goal and how much in contributions is needed to reach your goal. 


Something to pay attention to with this one is that they stress tax-deductible donations, which is what all of your donors will be getting. Tax-deductible donations are a good thing to mention when running a fundraiser, especially around tax season.


8. Donors Choose


Donors Choose, a special treat created specifically for teachers! Donors can choose a new project/fundraiser every month to support it. This site allows teachers to start a fundraiser to purchase things for the children in their classrooms. Donors can sign up to donate a specific amount every month, or they can browse different classes to see which ones they'd like to support. 


And Teachers, this is where you come in! You can create a page for your classroom and sell the benefits of what you need with potential donors. This platform can range from necessities like pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, or it can be for other things like building blocks, desks, chairs, and pretty much anything a classroom could need. I wouldn't limit this to supplies either. If there's a trip your class could take that truly has learning benefits, I would say it is an excellent idea to fundraise for trips and events as well! 


9. IndieGoGo


The last two fundraising sites on our list are less for personal and non-profit fundraising purposes. These last two are popular among start-up companies that are looking for capital/customers, without giving up equity. Indiegogo is a fantastic place to learn about new businesses and what's changing in the world around you in case you're looking to back a project. 


However, it's also a great place to launch a product as it has so many benefits. It's a great way to get a proof of concept/market while getting upfront capital for a first production run. You'll get the opportunity to build out a fully fleshed page, including copy, images, infographics, and even videos. You can lay it all on there. So, if this is something you're looking into, be ready to create a fully-fleshed out and detailed page to stand out. 


10. Kickstarter 


Like Indiegogo, Kickstarter is more focused on businesses and creative projects. It's a great way to raise funds to run the first print on your comic book (or any kind of publication), business, or project.


You can set your goal, build a page, and start collecting donations and receiving support. While non-profits can run campaigns on Kick Starter, you can't run campaigns and raise money to donate to a charity. 


We just went through a list of 10 fundraising websites that you can you for personal fundraising, non-profit fundraising, and even business fundraising (or start-up capital). Fundraising is going to get a whole lot easier for you, and you already know some of the best fundraising websites out there! 


There are only two things left to consider. When will you start your next fundraiser, and who do you know will love you more for sharing this list with them?