10 Easter Activities for the little ones


Easter's right around the corner and with you being so busy and all, perhaps you haven't had the chance to think up some amazing ideas for the kids and some family fun. No worries, we've rounded up 10 absotively, posilutely fun ideas for the little ones. The best part is, they'll work for the whole family and then some!


1) The Egg and The Spoon

The egg and the spoon is a classic dating back to the 1800s. Pick up a dozen eggs, because you’re probably going to need a few. Gather the family, and let them know not to forget their spoons for this competition. Set the rules for the relay race and your off! To make it interesting you can have everyone place their hands behind their backs and hold the spoon in their mouths as the “speed walk” to the finish line and back! That’s it. It’s that easy. It’s that simple. But OH, if you haven’t tried this one before -- it’s that much fun!


2) Guess the Beans of Jelly 

Gather a mason jar or any glass jar of any size. This one does require a little more effort as the person who places the jelly beans in the in jar needs to know just how many are in there. Write that number down on a piece of paper and stow it away for safekeeping. Place the jar in the kitchen and leave it there if you can be sure that no one is going to cheat! Leave a pencil and a notepad next to the jar with the names of everyone in the family. Let your kids or husband write down their guesses and anyone who comes for a visit. Once at the end of your long Easter day you can announce the count and the winner. Include a prize like an amazingly large chocolate bunny for the closest guesser. Feel free to use any number of prizes you’d like!

 Easter fun for the family

3) Easter Painting

Have some leftover eggs from your spoon and egg race? Great, it’s time to paint them! The best way to paint your Easter eggs is to boil them first. This way if they do fall or crack, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. This one holds traditional fun for the whole family on Easter. You can paint patterns, faces, scenery anything you want. The egg is your canvas! Have as much fun colorizing your eggs, or get serious and try to create an egg-citing masterpiece!


4) Easter Bunny Pancakes

Make your breakfast a little more friendly, with Easter bunny pancakes. Yes, this might have you in the kitchen early morning, but it’ll make for a friendly, and sweet breakfast. Don’t forget to have your phone handy in case one the kids end up befriending their flapjacks and choose not to eat it! If you try that, and this happens, do us all a favor and share that video! I can imagine how adorable that would be.


5) Make an Egg Bounce 

You read that right. Make an egg bounce! Now, I think we all are very familiar with eggs, and from experience, we can say eggs don’t bounce -- they break! But, you can make an egg bounce according to Science Sparks. I really enjoy this idea because it opens a door of wonder for the little ones and maybe even a little for you! 

Here’s how to make an egg bounce:

  • Place different kinds of unboiled eggs completely in vinegar for 24 hours.
  • To make the shell come off sooner take out every 2-4 hours, rinse and put back.
  • Once the shell has dissolved, your eggs should bounce!
​You can turn this one into a fun experiment with the kids. Ask them if eggs can bounce and watch as their minds explode with bouncy eggs!

6) Do The Egg Roll

Not the crispy one you get when you order Chinese food. Instead, you can take those boiled eggs and roll them down a hill. The eggs that roll the farthest wins. Use the boiled eggs that you decorated. This way it’s easy to tell the eggs apart!


7) Play Bunny, Bunny, Bunny RABBIT

 This is an Easter-themed variation of the classic duck, duck, goose game. You play exactly the same way you play duck, duck, goose except you say bunny and rabbit. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but you’ll quickly see how much this game can be, especially when your kids have a lot of energy to burn!

8) Egg Bowling

 This is probably one of my favorites on the list. When painting your boiled eggs, leave one of them white. Once your other eggs are nice and dry you can take turns rolling your eggs towards the White one. The goal is to get your egg as close as possible to the White egg without moving or touching it.

9) Play Bunny Says

 Grab a pair of bunny ears and play bunny says. Whoever is wearing the bunny ears is in charge. The bunny in charge is to instruct the others on their next task in an innocent game of Simon says, but instead, we say bunny says. So, definitely try catching everyone off guard by saying Simon says. The last one left is faced with a 5 instruction challenge. The bunny charge has 5 tries to get the last one out. If they can’t do it in 5 tries, the bunny ears are transferred over to the winner who will become the next bunny in charge.

10 Easter Activities For the whole Family


10) The Hunt

 We couldn’t leave out the all traditional, famous egg hunt! You have two main options here. You can hide the eggs around the house for the kids to find the morning of Easter, or you can find a community egg hunt. Community eggs hunts are usually held at larger parks. There are so many eggs to be found and so many kids searching for the eggs hidden in bushes, behind trees, or right there in the grass. I went to a community egg once when I was younger and the satisfaction I got from a basket full of eggs was so exhilarating. I remember getting upset when my parents split my eggs with my brothers since he didn’t find many. I didn’t like it then but I understand it now. Looks like the egg hunt can be a life-long lesson in leadership and helping those around you in good time!