fuzzy socks  

Do you ever get tired of those regular, boring old socks? Wearing the same textured socks every day, with their plain colors and not-at-all-exciting texture can prove to be a little repetitive. I know I get bored, but I also have kind of a cure for this problem, and my cure is called fuzzy socks. I don’t exactly remember when and how these socks entered my life, and I don’t even remember who introduced them to me, but I know one thing: I’m forever grateful for that moment. Somehow I feel that my life was just incomplete before I learnt about these awesome socks. It’s like I started living from that point on and like my life got a whole new perspective. Okay, I might have gotten carried away a bit here. It’s not like I’m entirely a different person because of my new socks, but you get the point – they are amazing!


There are endless reasons why I love wearing fuzzy socks and I could go all day writing about it, but you know…I won’t. So here are the top 5 reasons why I love these socks:


They are fuzzy


Stating the obvious here, but it has to be said. This is the whole purpose of these socks, the whole point, the meaning of their existence. The essence of these socks lays in the fact that they are fluffy and soft. When you put them on, you just feel like you are walking on clouds. You feel like wherever you go, there is a carpet underneath your feet; a thick, cloudy, furry carpet that magically appears before your feet as you walk. But there is no carpet; it’s all in the socks. The socks do all the magic. Even when you are wearing your shoes, you will feel like they are coated with carpet, and even when your shoes aren’t really the most comfortable in the world…guess what, fuzzy socks will make them more comfortable.

fuzzy socks  

They keep your feet warm


Another, very practical, side of these socks is the warmth they provide. Because of their thickness and the material they were built from, fuzzy socks are just the perfect socks for the winter. They will keep you warm even in the coldest winter days (unless you live in Canada, then you may even need two pairs of socks). Implying that you have shoes or boots that aren’t going to flood your fluffy socks, these socks are going to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter, but you can also wear them in the fall, or even in the early spring. You will see for yourself that they are impossible to wear once the temperature gets hotter.


Kids love them


And how could they not? I mean, look at them; they are so awesome even grownups love them. But other than making you feel like a kid, these socks are perfect if you have children. They are all a child needs.


They make you feel youthful

  fuzzy socks with coffee cup  

With all the colors and all the different patterns available, these socks will make you feel like you are a kid again. They bring a new dimension into your life, striking you with their cheerfulness and making your everyday life more interesting and exciting. They will even affect the people you come in contact with. Since they are very noticeable, everyone will see them and be influenced by them, so not only will you feel better by wearing them, you will also make others feel the same as you.

Good for recycling


If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your old socks, you can always recycle them, or to be more precise, you can repurpose them. There are many ways in which an old sock can be used, from turning them into rags to making a sock animal or a bouquet, and the best socks for this are fuzzy socks. They are perfect for anything – they will collect more dust and clean better than the regular socks, and if you make an animal from them, it will be soft and cozy like a pillow made in heaven.