birthday decoration cupcake  

For many, birthday is the favorite day of the year. For some it’s their own birthday; they enjoy getting all the attention, getting presents and all the stuff that comes from celebrating a birthday. On the other hand, there seems to be a group of people that finds more pleasure in other people’s birthdays than their own. There are people who love and enjoy giving all the attention and affection to someone else. They love giving surprise parties, they put much thought in every present they buy, and the feeling they get from seeing somebody else happy is often more fulfilling than actually celebrating their own birthday.


It doesn’t matter which one of these two you are, as long as you like decorating for birthday. Whether it’s for yourself or you are planning a surprise party, it’s not truly a birthday unless it’s properly decorated. There are some essentials for every birthday party, like balloons, but if you want your party to really stand out and be memorable, you can’t just blow up a few balloons, throw them around the room and be done with the decoration. You have to be creative, you have to be innovative and you have to be unique. If you can’t be bothered or simply don’t have enough time for all this, don’t worry, we are here to help.


From the first second that people enter your home they have to be wowed. The first thing they see has to make a great impact so they will instantly prepare for a crazy night full of fun and entertainment. You can even amaze them before they enter, so just put a witty homemade sign on the front door. It can say anything, but it has to be funny and colorful. For example, you can write “welcome, put your clothes in the washer and your bottles in the dryer…the fridge is good too”. Whatever you and your friends find funny, but remember to make it as colorful and as crazy as possible.

happy birthday banner  

The birthday decorations have to be evenly distributed. That way the party will have the same intensity and it will be equally exciting in every part of the house. This means that every recurring part has to be similarly decorated. For instance, every doorway has to be similar, or at least decorated with the same amount of decorations. Put on some vibrant streamers and tie a balloon at the end of each streamer. You can spice things up by mixing the streamers with balloons and the ones without them; put them alternately, so that after every two plain streamers comes one with a balloon on the end. It will add on dynamics and it will look crazy.


As I’ve already mentioned, balloons are a must for every birthday party, but your balloons have to be exceptional. In order to stand out, you won’t just throw them around the room, but try putting them on the walls, or even on the ceiling. Put a ribbon on the wall (or ceiling) and just attach a balloon to it. It looks creative and festive and your friends won’t be able to play with the balloons. I know many people are annoyed by that because it’s distracting and many balloons are popped this way, so this is a perfect way to prevent this from happening, unless your friends don’t get the hint and take the balloons of the wall anyway, without your permission. But, what kind of friend does this?

  bunch of floating balloons  

Other than hanging your balloons in weird places, you should try and give them a little more personality. For example, you can put a smaller balloon into a bigger balloon and blow them up together, or you can put some confetti in them and wrap them in colored foils. This way, if someone pops a balloon, at least you will have confetti falling all over the place…I just wouldn’t want to be you when the cleaning time comes.


It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown up, a party hat always brightens up the atmosphere. Again, you can make some yourself, or you can just buy some at the store. However, most of those are kind of boring, so decorate them as well. Glue on them some confetti, ribbons, foils, anything. Draw or write on them, let your imagination run wild. Nothing is left plane, even your napkins and forks. Fold napkins in some weird and cool shapes, and use your forks as placeholders. Take a piece of paper, cut it in any shape you want, write a name on it and stick it in the fork. If you are imaginative and creative enough, everything can be a birthday decoration and everything can make your birthday party unforgettable.