Every girl out there has a bag that is basically a pit filled with all kinds of knick-knacks. There is always at least one more bag (usually even more than one) inside the main bag and another bag inside that one. The bag-ception can be endless and it comes to a point where there is simply no more room for another bag to be added. The overcrowding comes from the fact that women just throw stuff in their bags regardless of whether they are actually going to use them or not.

In order to prevent your stylish bags from literally falling apart at the seams, you need to stop stuffing your bags like they are Thanksgiving turkey, and start being smart about what you are carrying with you on the daily basis. Let’s be honest, do you really need that hair-straightener, clothespin, toothbrush and frying pan wherever you go? Okay, some items from that list might be necessary, but you really need to take it down a notch. I mean, clothespin, really?

We know that you can’t simply throw out everything that’s in your purse. That’s why you need to start off slow and work towards completely relieving your bag from all the extra work it’s been doing. And what better way to begin than giving your makeup bag a nice spring cleaning… or at least a late-winter cleaning.

Prepare to say goodbye

While the road to a clean and well-organized bag is hard, it all starts with you collecting the will and the strength to part ways with things that are, quite frankly, useless. There is more than one item that fits this description in every bag and there is no denying it. Throw out that lip gloss that you like so much and that you’ve been saving for special occasions but there is barely any left in the tube…for the last two years. Let’s face it – there is nothing left in that tube and you have only been lying to yourself. If there is any other item in similar condition, throw it out as well. You have to be able to turn off you sentimentality and you have to be strong; nothing that can’t be used stays, period!

Stuff to have

The things that are going in the bag and going out with you are only the ones that you might use when you are out. They are the emergency batch of makeup which means that there is also a home group of cosmetics. You can do with the home batch whatever you want, and even add the empty lip gloss tube to it. The outdoor makeup is only made of pure essentials and, in a way, it’s the first aid kit of beauty.


Foundation is quite literally the base of all makeup and the first thing that pops to everyone’s mind when we talk about basic makeup. Foundation is used to even up your skin tone and give you a perfect complexion, but many women find it hard to match it with their skin tone. Most of them aren’t even aware of that fact.

If you are insecure about your perfect match, simply ask a professional at the store. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the whole ‘independent woman’ thing you’ve got going on, just swipe a few lines of different colors in the least visible area of your face, preferably across your jawline. The color that is least visible is your color.


An absolute must-have, mascara is a harsh cosmetics item to work with. Not so much because of the way it is applied, but more because of the way it coagulates. Mascara can get all clumpy and gooey, and when that time comes, it’s once again time to part ways. Get a new mascara, or try using a different brand, but never apply the clumpy stuff on your lashes; it looks awful and it feels just as it looks.

Lipstick and lip gloss

Lips are a highly noticeable part of the face, and if you accent them correctly you can really upgrade your makeup game by a few levels. That being said, lips are also a huge pain in the neck because they are the part that you often like to use during the day, whether it’s for drinking all those margaritas or for smooching with that cute coworker. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us.

Because of their frequent use, lips are often left high and dry, naked and afraid, without anything to make them stand out and protect them. That’s why lipstick or lip gloss, whichever you prefer, should always be at your reach. A nice idea is to have at least two different lipsticks, one in different color than you normally use, just in case. You can get all kinds of lipsticks in all kinds of colors by buying bulk makeup supplies, which is also a nice way to restock on a few other cosmetic necessities.


As its name suggests, concealer is used when there is something on your face that you wish wasn’t there. Unfortunately, no, it can’t hide the lump that makes your nose imperfect; that can only be done by a surgeon. Concealer, on the other hand, is used when there are dark circles or pimples to get rid of.

While it is not a permanent solution to your problems, it might be a lifesaver when those days come and zits start popping out all over the place…specifically, all over your face. It’s also great to hide the dark circles around your eyes that might set in after a long day at work, and you don’t want your coworkers to see your soft side. Be strong, be bright, and be beautiful.