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A combination padlock is a great way to secure a location or an object, whether it’s for individual, personal use or for a company. It’s perfect for everyday use, and you can use it to secure your luggage, a locker at the gym, a storage unit, etc. This lock uses a sequence of numbers to lock, or unlock the device, and the sequence can range from at least three numbers to much more. Of course, the cheapest padlocks with only a three number combination are the least secure, as they can be cracked in many ways, but invest some money in it, and you can get a proper padlock for whatever you are trying to hide from thieves.


When buying a padlock, you have to know exactly what you need. The type you are going to use depends on the purpose and the location where you are going to use the padlock. It’s not the same if you use it for luggage or a storage unit, and it’s not the same if it’s exposed to the elements or if it sits in your garage. The type of the lock and its rating is very important, because it shows you what kind of security it provides. You can’t be mad if someone cracks your lock and steals the money from your safe if you were using a bike lock. That’s just irresponsible.

  combination padlock  

When it comes to types of padlocks, among the endless varieties, the most commonly used are combination padlocks and key padlocks. While combination padlocks are more practical because you don’t have to think about losing the key, the truth is that the key padlock is more secure. Plus, you have to think about not forgetting the combination. The mechanisms of these two locks just can’t be matched, although it’s better to buy a more expensive combination padlock than a cheaper key padlock. The simplest and cheapest combination padlock, with only three digits, can be cracked quite easily. There are many methods, some of which you can even find online, that will help you crack this lock in no more than half an hour, of course, without using force (and I don’t mean in Star Wars way). If it is forcefully locked, then it really doesn’t matter if it’s a combination or a key padlock; the only thing that matters in this situation is the quality. When it comes to more secure locks with combination dial, like a four digit ones, they can be cracked in 3 to 4 hours. Again, without using any type of force, whether it is real force or you are just staring at the lock and trying to open it Jedi way. This means that these locks should be used in remote locations, without a possibility of quick reaction and prevention of stealing.


When it comes to grading the security provided, there are six levels of security, one being the lowest possible, and six being the highest possible. Maximum security, or grade 6, is something that you probably only saw on TV, unless you have tons of money and valuables. For everyday purposes, this grading system is a bit redundant, because you will never need to actually know what grade does your padlock have. The best thing to do is to ask in the shop for an advice in your particular case and be ready to invest some extra cash. However, regardless of what you are told in the shop, there are two main things to be taken into consideration – the length of the shackle and the exposure of the shackle. As these two increase, the danger and probability of a lock being picked increases also. Long and exposed shackles provide space for bolt cutters and saws. The shackle is the weakest point of any lock, so when you are buying a lock try to find one with an enclosed shackle. It may not prevent your lock from being picked, but it will definitely buy you some precious time.

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The conclusion would be that, even though they aren’t perfect, combination padlocks can always be safe if selected and used properly. If you do prefer a combination padlock, there is only one step before actually buying one – choosing between a multiple-dial or single-dial lock. Multiple-dial is the simplest, least secure padlock there is. Nevertheless, they provide enough security for your bike, briefcase (unless you are Edward Snowden), or your toolbox. On the other hand, for more protection you should definitely use a single-dial padlock. This lock can often be found on lockers or safes, and it consists of a single dial, with all the numbers located on it. The dials are first turned clockwise, then counterclockwise, and then clockwise again, which gives a three number combination. Even though these locks are more secure, the cheaper ones are still quite easy to pick. Again, put some time, thought and research in buying one, and a proper combination lock might just be what you are looking for.