Bandana Over Face

During these uncertain times, it's essential to do everything we can to ensure safety over ourselves and our loved ones. We can do this by continuing self-quarantine and even more when we take the necessary precautions when we're traveling outdoors.


Many people have started wearing disposable gloves and face masks, and some companies have started using disposable thermometers to check employees' temperatures at the beginning of their shifts. 


With the continuously growing demand for face masks for protection against the invisible enemy, there have been many shortages across the globe. Still, the need for face masks continues to grow, and alongside it, a simple alternative continues to grow - bandanas! Yes, bandanas are shining through during this pandemic to provide a sense of security and safety for use as an alternative to face masks. 


Let's take a look at how we can fold bandanas over the face to use as an alternative to face masks. 


First: You need to define your reason for purchasing bandanas and potentially assemble a few people interested in bandanas. The reason for this is because getting individual face masks during this time is going to be difficult. You may be better off purchasing wholesale bandanas


Second: Know what you're expecting. Most bandanas, like ours, are 100% Cotton and are sized 27" x 27", a square shape - even on all sides. 


Third: To fold your bandana over face, you would first fold it in half into a triangle. If you feel that it is still too big, you can fold it over a second time in the same fashion. Be sure that all points on the bandana are matching up. 


Fourth: Place the bandana over face, the longest point below the chin, and the other side to the bridge of your nose. 


Fifth: Begin fashioning a knot with the two remaining pointed edges behind your head. Pull them tight enough so that the bandana does not slide off on its own, but loose enough that you can pull the bandana off at your discretion. 


Sixth: Finally, if your bandana is still long enough and reaching past the neckline of your shirt, take that pointed end and tuck it into your shirt. Tucking in your bandana will help enclose more openings. 


Now, you know where you can get bandanas, how you can fold your bandana over face, and proper "bandana etiquette" for wearing your bandana as an alternative to PPE. I do hope you’re following proper COVID protocols and staying safe!