Much has been said on the subject of keeping yourself warm when going out while the temperatures are so low that even Santa is wearing long johns. On the other hand, a home is always perceived as a place of eternal warmth and permanent high temperatures. This led to scarcity of information regarding the subject of how to keep yourself warm while inside your house. This is such a major pity. A travesty!

Naturally, people think it’s easy to stay warm at home – just light up the fireplace, crank up the heat or start a campfire in the middle of the living room and the whole place gets warm in no time. With the last method, the whole neighborhood gets warm. Now, even though most of these traditional ways of heating are efficient, there simply comes a time when they are not enough. The temperature plummets, the windows get frozen and the 24/7 heating just doesn’t do the work. The first clue is steam coming out from your mouth when you wake up, and you really start noticing when laundry in your bathroom stops drying and starts freezing. It’s time for drastic measures.

Layers, always layers

Most people strongly recommend dressing in layers when going out in the winter. It’s much better to have several thinner layers than to have fewer thicker layers for many reasons, and everyone knows that. Even our grandmas know it, which they never fail to remind us every time we leave the house. While this is the case, it’s also smart to be dressed in layers all the time. Well, maybe not in the summer or when you really need to take a pee, but almost all the time; even when you are at home.

Having several layers ensures that there is much more space for air in your clothing and that air is crucial for your warmth. The warmer the air is around you, the warmer you will feel. Also, layers give you an opportunity to take off something if it starts being too warm, while you can’t do that if you are only wearing a sweater. 

Draft stoppers

Draft is the worst thing ever. If it was a person, it would be an awful bully that kicks your ass every day just for fun. It doesn’t do anything else – it just beats you and rubs your face in snow without even taking your lunch money. It only wants to see you suffer.

We must discontinue its reign of terror and eradicate it once and for all. For this purpose, it’s highly recommended to use under the door draft stoppers, which, believe it or not, could be used even for windows. What a bombshell!

Draft stoppers are simply beautiful inventions because they can really do wonders in increasing your room temperature, especially if your doors and windows are old. Put them under every door and between every window and watch your troubles go with the draft. If you have some spare time on your hands, you can even make homemade draft stoppers from old fleece blankets, rugs, socks and virtually anything else you got lying around.

Knitted bed socks

The hardest part of the body to keep warm has to be feet. It’s like they simply refuse to be warm and maybe, if they don’t stop acting like such jerks, we’ll pay draft to kick their asses. And no, that’s not a threat, feet, it’s a promise.

Now, there are many ways to lessen the cold, like wearing countless pairs of socks, wearing fuzzy slippers or putting your feet in a washbowl filled with boiling water, but somehow none of these are effective in long run. Eventually you’ll run out of clean socks, you’ll have to take off the slippers and, at one point, you’ll take your feet out of the washbowl. Then it’s back to freezing feet.

The solution lies in the traditional art of knitting. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll have to travel far and wide to find a shaman called Knitting Eagle, an old man living in the dense forests of the Far East who teaches people how to knit bed socks. Or you can simply ask your grandma to make you a pair. You can also stop bothering that poor woman for every single thing you read on the Internet and buy yourself a pair of knitted bed socks. They are almost as good as the ones your grandma makes.

Blanket kingdom

When everything else fails, when there is no more nightstands to chop and toss into the camp fire and when you can’t even see outside from the ice on your window, it’s time to admit the defeat and surrender. Spill the ice that was once boiling water in the washbowl, put on as many layers as possible, get into the bed socks, and throw every blanket you own on top of yourself. For extra heat, try to inhale above the blankets and exhale below them.

And truly, sometimes it gets so cold you wish you could spend the rest of the day under a furry mountain of soft blankets. Those are the moments you realize you can’t have too many blankets in your possession and that’s when you realize that you should have thought about it before the winter. You should have bought every blanket you saw in the shop window – wool blanket, woven acrylic, crocheted afghan, you name it. The more, the merrier. However, it’s not too late for you. Buying in bulk can save you even when you think it’s all over, so maybe try getting as many wholesale fleece, throw or cotton blankets as you can. Hurry now, before it gets so cold that the whole Internet freezes.