Here at, we are always looking for ways to help and give back. We have already shipped cases of everyday essentials to families in need. Everything from socks to cleaning supplies can be significant to men, women, and children facing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As always, your donation of supplies are greatly appreciated. If you need our help with facilitating your donations, please always feel free to call us at 855-221-0536. You can always choose your own charity or we can help you choose one.

Take 15% OFF for all orders for donations, use code: HAV017

Here are some items that may be critically needed by individuals and their families:

  1. Socks

  2. Cleaning Supplies

  3. Candles

  4. Blankets / Bedding

  5. Flip Flops

  6. General Apparel

If you want to speak with one our customer support representatives, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Please give us a call at 855-221-0536.