Making a fashion statement doesn’t necessarily include saying something about fashion. The term is actually used to describe a practice of bold fashion choices that usually include accessorizing in a…well, let’ say in an unconventional way. Accessories used to make a fashion statement are anything but plain – they are colorful, flashy and flamboyant and their purpose is to make someone stand out. They are used to attract attention and to make a unique outfit.

Almost anything can be used to make a fashion statement, from an extravagant bracelet combined with a casual outfit, to funky and colorful socks combined with a suit. Something as simple as a scarf can be a fashion statement or something more elaborate like a tie and suspenders combo. However, winter is that time of the year that requires you to wear multiple layers of clothes which means that your would-be statement might go unnoticed. All your troubles will be in vain.

In order to avoid this, you have to be smart when making a fashion statement in the winter. You have to use parts of clothes that are visible and you have to make sure that your outfit is making a statement both when you are fully dressed (jacket, hat, scarf, gloves and all) and when you take the clothes off (for example, when you are going out on a date).

Accenting the outer layers

The outer layers represent everything that is visible once you exit the warmth of your home and enter the cruel embrace of the timeless winter, i.e. when you go outside. Most people don’t care about the looks and prefer to protect themselves against the cold at all cost, but one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other. You don’t have to look like a gigantic ball of clothes with eyes in order to stay warm, and if you do, the least you can do is decorate that ball with some accessories.


Many people don’t even think about leaving the house without a warm winter hat on their head. That’s completely justified and hats do make a great accessory. Nevertheless, there is an even better thing that will protect your ears and make a great fashion statement – earmuffs.

While earmuffs aren’t the best option when it’s really cold, as they don’t protect the whole head, they are perfect for an average winter day. They will keep your ears warm and with many colors and shapes available, they are a perfect thing to use for accenting the outfit.


Scarf is an absolute must-have. It protects your neck and if necessary, even your lower part of the face, all the way up to your eyes. It can also protect your eyes, but that seems like a bit impractical.

Now, it’s all fine and dandy to wear simple scarves as they represent a classic and timeless winter accessory that will always be trendy. However, if you want to use something to make a statement, there is virtually no better thing than a scarf. An oversized scarf goes great with short jackets or knee-long coats, while colorful scarves and scarves with distinctive patterns do wonders with plain jackets and coats. Learn as many different ways to tie your scarf, because that way you will always look different and unique.


Besides keeping your hands warm, gloves provide you with something no pocket in this world can, and that’s usability of the hands. Accenting the outfit with gloves can be hard, but if you find a proper pair that is both warm and stylish, you will have no trouble in achieving a perfect fashion statement.

For a glove to be warm it has to be made of proper materials. While ski gloves usually provide the most heat, we can all agree that they aren’t the most stylish of gloves. After all, they were made to protect your hands, not to make them look good, so unless you want to accent the outfit with tasteless, fluorescent colors, avoid ski gloves for this purpose. In order to get it spot on, you can always go for the gloves and scarf combo. Make a fashion statement out of both, but make sure that they are identical in color, pattern and material.

Accenting the inner layers

Even though it’s winter, the time will come when the jackets will be undressed and your inner layers of clothes will be revealed. Make sure that, when this time comes, you are prepared and don’t allow people to see you in your normal, everyday clothes. Your secrets might be exposed.


Oh boy, do we like suspenders! They are one more example of timeless accessory that will be trendy forever no matter what happens. Even if Amish people conquer the world, suspenders will live on. They may even get more popular if that happens.

Wearing plain black suspenders is cool, but that won’t be interpreted as much of a fashion statement. Everyone wears suspenders, so what? Still, if you bring colorful suspenders, or even suspenders with motifs, to the playground…well, now we’re talking. A red button up shirt with rolled-up sleeves, topped off with black suspenders with colorful peace signs (or any other motif) is what a fashion statement should look like.


Socks make a great fashion statement, but only if used properly. Sometimes using them to accent an outfit requires some sacrifice, but avoid sacrificing warmth for fashion as much as you can.

Now, even though socks are mostly unnoticeable while you are out, once you go in and take off your shoes or sit down (which leads to trouser legs rising up) your socks become a reflection of your soul…or at least a reflection of your neatness and fashion sense. To make a statement out of them, wear mostly colorful socks, socks with patterns or socks with motifs. The trick is to clash the socks to the overall attire and the trick is done best when combining casual socks (colorful, patterned or even fuzzy) with more formal clothes like suits.


Wearing a tie with a suit is really old news. There is nothing special about it and no statement is made that way, other than ‘I’m so conventional and I play by the rules’. Even though wearing a tie on a T-shirt is kind of childish or punk-rock (which is also childish), there is a way to make it more serious.

If you really want to make a statement with tie and T-shirt, why not try something that’s between a T-shirt and a button-up shirt – a short sleeved button-up shirt. You can try topping off a short-sleeved button-up shirt with a tie that has strong patterns. They should be in contrasting color for best effect and to make a statement even stronger, you can try wearing a novelty tie. Be extremely careful because this can easily turn you from a person trying to make a fashion statement to a childish person who doesn’t know a first thing about fashion.