Official Rules to No Shave November Rules

Author: Bobby Bruno Editor: Esther Seruya

We’ve all heard about it before, and if you haven’t then you’ve definitely seen it around. That’s right, it’s November and that means there will be a ton of unshaved faces, more than usual. So why are so many men not shaving in November? It’s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!

There are hundreds of reasons why people participate in … well, not shaving in November. I remember when I became a No Shave November advocate. I was young, and I did it because I wanted to see just how long my facial hair would grow (not very long). I’m still waiting to have a full grown out Viking beard. That November and every November since I try my best to not shave or get a haircut and end up caving a day or so before Thanksgiving.

Chances are I’ll shave before Thanksgiving this year too. But I wanted to know what No Shave November means, where it came from, and who started it. So, I did a little research (research helps beards grow - Not yet proven) to answer all of my questions.

Finally, I came up with this! The Official Rules of No Shave November. Why you participate, who can participate, and how to participate like a BOSS!

Here’s why you shouldn’t Shave in November

Why take any part in No Shave November? Well, it’s simple and meaningful! The purpose of No Shave November was designed to create awareness for cancer patients and hair is something they lose when going through treatment. Something we take for granted, people are losing in order to get better.

So, for the 30 days of November skip the barber shop, drop the razors, and get some relief by avoiding painful waxes (that’s right woman can join in if they’d like!). The money you save from allowing your hair to grow wild, natural, and free can go to a good cause! At the end of November, you can use those savings to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle of cancer. Oh, and you can finally clean yourself up!

Can you Join No Shave November

Everyone can join No Shave November. Kids, Parents, Men, and women all have a chance to participate in different ways. You can join the movement here as an individual or as part of a team. You have the option to donate directly to the organization or start a fundraiser and promote the hairiness on Facebook and other social platforms! Even if you have strict dress codes at work and your boss doesn’t want you walking around with your grandpa's beard it’s acceptable to get a trim to look neat.

Here’s How you No Shave November Like A BOSS

If you’ve made the decision to be a part of No Shave November, then you might as well do it Like A BOSS! The Official guide to No Shave November Like A BOSS in steps!


1) Start Fresh

It’s best to start your journey fresh and that means getting a clean shave and a fresh cut from your barber. Especially since you might not see him for the next 30 days. We all know you’ll miss each other, I mean he’s been there through thick and thin, shape ups, and fades.


2) Team or Individuals

Do you have a squad of bros that’ll be joining you on this hairy venture or are you going lone wolf? Once you’ve decided you can start a fundraiser (optional) for the cause by visiting No Shave November Participate Page. If you’re not looking to start a fundraiser that’s okay too, you can donate at the end of the month on your own.


3) Take a Pic and Post it

Snap a pic of that fresh cut and naked face for your Facebook or Instagram page, and caption it something cool. Maybe, “No Shave November Day 1: I feel like a baby again”. That would work for me. Without facial hair, it’s just a baby face… so, if you must, you can leave some shadow on there.


4) Show this to Post to your Girlfriend or Wife

If yours is anything like mine you’ll start hearing the questions. Why don’t you shave, or don’t you think it’s time to shave. You’ll be tempted but express that this is for a noble cause. You can show them this post as proof. Tip: Record reaction for fun!


5) Do it AGAIN

That’s right it’s not over, spread the word and share the cause. Take a pic every day to keep yourself honest and to invite people to join you on your No Shave November journey. You may want to create a list of funny quips and movie references for your captions. You don’t have to, but if you’re planning on bossing up, I recommend it.


6) Thanksgiving Day

Snap a pic of you eating a turkey leg at the table. This is a golden opportunity to show off the progress of your beard and your medieval talented beard and a delicious Turkey leg. This one only applies to the real BOSSES.


7) Get a Haircut & Make a Donation

Get a haircut. It’s December 1st, and you can get your self cleaned up with no shame. Or you can keep the beard and stay warm through the Winter. The choice is yours, you’ve done your part. If you didn’t start a fundraiser and still want to donate what you were able to save visit - to help the cause.

You did it! You made through an entire 30 days for a noble cause and a decent beard. You can celebrate with an ice-cold brew and scare your kids with a clean-shaven face. You can also checkout superfood seller My Musso

Here’s to No Shave November - BOSS Mode.