There is not a woman in the world that doesn’t enjoy a nice manicure once in a while. But sometimes it’s simply out of reach. Whether money is the issue or you just don’t have the time for it, it’s not important. One thing is for sure – you can’t just let your nails look natural, because natural nails are simple and boring. On top of that, there is a lot of imperfection in natural nails and imperfection is something that women try to stay away from. What’s the solution?

You are panicking; the mind is going crazy and the nails aren’t getting any nicer by themselves. You go online and buy nail polish in bulk, and now you have every tone of every color you can possibly imagine and it seems like you are finally happy. But then you think about all that nail polish. It will take you months to go through all of it, maybe even years. By that time, you will get bored and most of the nail polish will get misplaced. You won’t let that happen; you can’t let that happen.

Luckily for you, there is more to nail polish than meets the eye. The name suggests its only use involves nails, but actually, there are tons of other uses for this magical invention. Nail polish can be used around the house, for jewelry, for DIY projects and it can contribute to countless minor improvements in your daily life. Here is what we chose as the most important.


We all have that special pair of custom earrings or a custom necklace that means so much to us. Each time we wear a specific bracelet, necklace or ring, they get exposed to the environment, and environment can be a huge enemy of jewelry. With time, the jewelry starts changing color, it gets dirty, and it oxidizes. When a piece of jewelry has a sentimental value, you want to do everything that’s in your power to prevent it from deteriorating. Fortunately, you don’t even have to try that hard. All you have to do is take a clear lacquer, coat the jewelry in one thin layer and the shield is up. Additionally, if you ever get bored with your faux custom jewelry, you can simply repaint them with nail polish.

Other than protecting jewelry, you can use nail polish to create new jewelry. It’s not even that hard. There are tutorials online that deal with this subject, but the simplest way is to just drop polish onto waxed paper. You can decorate it with any other nail polish and you can add all kinds of beads and ornaments and connect everything with embroidery floss. It’s a nice project for a Sunday afternoon.

Around the house

Isn’t it exhausting having to adjust the perfect water temperature every time you want to take a shower? You are just standing there all naked, feeling awkward, and waiting for the water to heat up or cool down. To prevent this, just put a mark with the nail polish exactly where you want your faucet handles to be and the troubles are over. Each time you notice the marks are wearing off apply a new coating of polish.

Like adjusting the water temperature isn’t hard enough, in order to take a shower, you first need to come home from a long, hard day at work. Once you do, your struggles are not over. You stand in front of the door, spending too much time on finding the right key. They are all so similar and there is just too many of them. No more! Paint each key with a different nail polish and now you’ll find a key that fits instantly.


Sewing a button usually isn’t much of a challenge, but a thread can sometimes be a real pain in the butt. There are times when you can’t thread the needle no matter how hard you try. Just use nail polish. Drag the end of the thread through the nail polish brush and it will instantly harden and become pointy. All similarity with other hard and pointy things is purely unintentional.


We love shoes and our love for shoes can only be matched by our love for perfect nails. Similarly, the number of shoes we own can only be matched by the number of nail polishes we have. This, however, doesn’t mean we like to part ways with our shoes. No way. Unfortunately, shoes’ condition deteriorates fast. They get all scratched and bruised and sometimes the only solution is to throw them away. Or is it? If the scratches aren’t too big, you can simply find a matching nail polish and fix them. It shouldn’t be so hard, since you bought bulk nail polish and now there is a color to match every pair of shoes you own.

Cars and bikes

Similar to fixing small scratches on shoes, nail polish can be used to fix minor dings and scratches in your car or bike’s paintjob. All those scratches can lead to rust and rust leads to not so beautiful exterior. The trick is to prevent rust from ever forming by covering the scratches as soon as they are created. This way you’ll keep your paint job in pristine condition.


Window screens are used to protect you from flies and mosquitos, but they crack so much you wish you could simply exterminate all the mosquitos in the world and be done with it. Since you can’t, and buying a new window screen each time a small crack appears is not a satisfying solution, you’ll have to improvise with nail polish. Just go over the hole with the brush a few times and the hole will be no more. It’s like using glue, but with a brush that helps you do the fine work.

Windows and mirrors can be really expensive. This means you want to do everything that’s in your power in order to prevent them from breaking. The second you notice a crack in any window or mirror, whether it’s your home window, car window, rearview mirror or make-up mirror, go over the crack with a clear lacquer. It will contain the crack for some time, giving you time to replace it, without ever bothering you since it’s clear.

With all the alternative uses to nail polish, we bet you’ll have a blast doing all the DIY projects that it offers. Also, in time you’ll be able to discover new uses for nail polish. That stuff never gets old.