Author: Bobby Bruno

Most of us are familiar with the tragedy of Toys R Us closing, and most of us can still remember those special days from our childhood where we would be enthralled with the magic and excitement of being in a Toys R Us store. But now, we're older and we're working and some even supporting a family. As sour as the feeling is, I like to look at the Silver lining in every dark cloud. So, I did some research and I put together this infographic of why you should buy and sell toys this year. 

You'll see the amazing opportunity that opened up for everyone who is currently, or still searching for products to buy and sell toys online. I used only real numbers and facts that I found on reputable sites like Business Insider, Money, and Statista so you have an actionable idea of the possible growth. 

So, check it out, and do a little of your own research to find the best bulk toys out there! Where ever you decide to sell your toys you want to know that you're getting the best wholesale prices for all of your bulk toy needs. 

Buy and Sell toys this year