The weather is awful, snow has covered every bit of land as far as the eye can see, there are snowmen virtually on every lawn, and epic snowball fights are waged all around the neighborhood. This can mean only one thing – Christmas is getting closer. It’s time to get a Christmas tree and bring out the dusty decorations from the basement, from under the bed or from whichever dark, dusty and lonely place they spent the past year. It’s also time to think about your loved ones, your family and your close friends, and it’s time to figure what you are going to give them this Christmas.

Now, Christmas gifting is not a thing to be joking with. A lot of thought and love have to be invested for a present to be a success, which means that a lot of time and energy have to be spent in designing the perfect gift. Or does it? Sometimes less is more, which means that you don’t necessarily have to spend a month of your life and a ton of your nerves on creating a gift. Depending on the person the gift is intended for, this job can be done fairly easy and quickly, especially when you have in mind that it’s winter. Why is this so important? Simply because you can draw your inspiration from the fact that it’s pretty damn cold outside and most people don’t like being cold. Be a savior and salvage your loved ones from the unyielding jaws of relentless winter. Be a hero.

With the last sentence being so darn epic, you might get overwhelmed and let your imagination go wild. You might think about getting a pair of boots for everyone, but this is probably not an option, unless you get a loan that you’ll end up repaying for the next ten to twenty years. It’s not worth it. There are many other things that you can buy that will do the trick just fine.


Oh yeah, these will do the trick perfectly. From our experience, you can never have too many pairs of socks, especially in the winter. They get dirty really quickly, they get wet and they even tear before you know it. People always need more socks which means you can’t go wrong with a pair of nice socks as a Christmas present.

Since it is winter, best thing to do is to buy a pair of thermal socks or fuzzy socks. These provide the most heat, they are soft and they can prove to be quite long-lasting. For the holiday season, you can go for colorful socks or socks with holiday motifs, like Santa, reindeers, snowman, etc. You get the picture.


Besides feet, hands are the hardest parts of the body to keep warm during the freezing temperatures. Put them in your pockets – they are cold; put them in your sleeves – still cold. The only thing that helps is gloves and most people overlook this magnificent invention for some reason. They simply don’t own a pair of gloves and their hands are always freezing. It’s beyond comprehension how so many people can tolerate it, but once you start giving out gloves as gifts, there will be no more cold hands in your circle of friends.

However, some people do own gloves and, unlike socks, you can get enough of gloves. Nevertheless, gloves do have a flaw in that you can’t use your smartphone when you wear them. Some folks tend to take them off while others use fingerless gloves, but you are more creative than this. Yes, you are. And what does a creative mind like yours do? It gives a pair of conductive gloves as a present, thus enabling people to use their smartphones even when the temperatures are below freezing. You truly are practical.


Winter strikes when you’re outside, but it also affects you indoors. Even when the fire is burning in the fireplace the house can still feel cold and spending the whole day in several layers of clothes can prove to be tiring. The only escape is to make a huge cocoon out of yourself and it’s good to have as many blankets at your disposal as possible. That’s where you come in. Unlike the gloves, and much like socks, you can never have too many blankets around the house.

A nice fleece blanket can have more than one purpose, from heating to providing comfort with its incredible softness and even in making a pillow fortress. Honestly, who makes a pillow fortress without a bunch of furry blankets?


Winter is not really the best time to give someone a fedora or a panama hat. However, it’s a great time to give someone a proper winter hat that will protect their brain from freezing and their ears from disintegrating from the cold. The problem here is that there are as many styles of winter hats as there are vowels in an average Hawaiian noun, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Should you buy a beanie, a trapper hat, an ushanka or maybe some crazy hat with pompoms and motifs, depends on who you are buying the gift for.

If you can’t really decide on which hat to buy, simply buy a large quantity of hats and gloves in bulk and run around the room dressed and acting like some sort of crazy Santa, throwing gloves and hats from a gigantic red sack. Make sure that everyone gets at least one present and you will make everybody happy. Plus, you will entertain everyone and have the most creative gift of all.