Womens Trouser Sock

Usually worn with heels, pumps or slip-on shoes, women’s trouser socks are versatile items that are a staple of most women’s wardrobes, so if your store already sells women’s apparel, footwear or socks and tights, you really should be taking a closer look at our wonderful  selection of low cost wholesale women’s trouser socks.
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  • 48 Pieces Women's Trouser Sock - Womens Trouser Sock
    $0.93 Unit Price Case (48 Pieces): $44.64
    SKU: 922909  
  • 216 Pairs Womens Trouser Socks Size 9-11 Nylon Stretch Knee Socks, Assorted - Womens Trouser Sock
    $0.98 - $1.35 Unit Price Case (216 Pairs): $291.60
    SKU: 1922041  
  • 360 Pairs Ladies Trouser Socks - Size 9-11 - Navy - Womens Trouser Sock
    $0.84 Unit Price Case (360 Pairs): $302.40
    SKU: 2564489  
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