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  • 48 Units of Retractable Lanyards - Jewelry Cords
    $5.64 Unit Price Case (48 pieces): $270.72
    SKU: 522265  
  • 24 Units of Hello Kitty Toggle Charm Bracelet - Jewelry Cords
    $5.39 Unit Price Case (24 pieces): $129.36
    SKU: 568855  
  • 24 Units of Hello Kitty Wand Set In Gift Box - Jewelry Cords
    $5.39 Unit Price Case (24 pieces): $129.36
    SKU: 568861  
  • 24 Units of Hello Kitty Charm Tiara - Jewelry Cords
    $5.39 Unit Price Case (24 pieces): $129.36
    SKU: 568867  
  • 72 Units of Hemp Shroom Chokers - Jewelry Cords
    $4.73 Unit Price Case (72 pieces): $340.56
    SKU: 916903  
  • 72 Units of Cherokee Chokers - Jewelry Cords
    $2.60 Unit Price Case (72 pieces): $187.20
    SKU: 916910  
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