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Operation: STS
Operation Shop to Send is an initiative created and designed by CEO Jack, and Marketing Manager Bobby, in order to connect non-profit organizations and people looking to donate to them.

Donate backpacks to those in need with Shop to Send by All Time TradingDonate School Kits and Supplies Through All time Trading's Shop to Send intitiativeDonate Apparel through All time Trading's Shop to Send programdonate socks for the homeless with All time Trading's Shop to Send ProgramDonate Blankets using Shop to Send by All Time TradingDonate Footwear to help those in need with Shop to send by All Time Trading

Our new Shop to Send program was set in place to make donating to a charity or organization convenient for all parties involved. We’ve simplified the process, and took up some of the legwork. Now, donating to a beloved charity is as easy as 1, 2, 3, literally!


1) Find the product or products you’d like to donate on

2) Place your order and include your charities information.

3) We’ll receive your order and ship it to your charity of choice!

All Time Trading lends a strong hand to the community and we’d like to extend that hand. By creating, and acting as a bridge for people, businesses, and charities. Making the road to help, accessible to everyone across the United States. Since 2001 we've kept our focus on donating school supplies, backpacks, and socks for the homeless top of mind.

We plan to continue our mission in making the world a bit better, and a bit nicer every day. Our socks for the homeless helped provide support, warmth, and cleanliness to thousands in need. Additionally, our bulk backpacks and school supplies at low minimums and discounted rates helped thousands of classrooms regain time for teaching and learning. 

If you're looking to request a donation please submit your donation request application. If you're a buyer representing a non-profit organization, enter the organization's TAX ID number during the checkout process to receive 15% off your order.


Benefits of our Shop to Send Program

Many charities aren’t well known, but we allow them
to be listed on our list of charities.

Find new charities you’d like to donate to.

Simplified, and easy checkout - Save time and Money.

Non - Profit Organizations save 15% on orders
they place themselves.




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